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    BMS Update?

    Not all software updates are about addressing customer gripes or general improvements. Some involve critical updates involving vehicle safety and these must always be carried out. Other updates involving major vehicle performance issues are also essential. it’s always interesting to hear...
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    BMS Update?

    An interesting suggestion. Do you think all EV manufacturers should take this approach or just MG?
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    BMS Update?

    That’s useful information regarding the bms versions - I’ve not seen that before. I understood that lowering the top end voltage of the pack to c450v was something MG wanted to do across all ZS cars to improve battery longevity but i‘m not sure if MG plan to do this - my car is on the 455v bms...
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    Has anyone rejected a car due to bms fiasco

    Glad you like the 5. You rejected your zs due to a bms update?
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    Do I have the comfort 2 update and correct BMS software ???

    The software updates are done in modules. It’s perfectly possible to have comfort 2 and no charge while unlocked. My car is like this. As far as the ‘correct’ bms the latest update is 450v fully charged (battery pack must be left to fully equalise with all items that might use voltage turned off...
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    Annoying Alerts.How do you turn the alerts of??

    Oh ok. I didn’t realise it would still add more to the pack at 450v even when fully charged. I suppose it’s obvious as otherwise it wouldn’t regenerate! 🙂
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    Annoying Alerts.How do you turn the alerts of??

    That’s great. I have to say though if you start your drive going downhill fully charged regen or no regen you’ll still not use any juice to propel you along! And if you’re at fully voltage it won’t add over that amount will it?
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    SOH 98.31 after 19889 miles

    How many miles have you covered?
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    Electric plane in 🇦🇺 Australia - range anxiety in the air could be interesting!

    Nice to see aviation getting in on the electric scene.
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    Annoying Alerts.How do you turn the alerts of??

    i’m on the 455v bms and when fully charged it’s only for a very short distance that regen is limited - no issue at all really. Those with the 450v bms have suggested when fully charged regen occurs sooner - but really i think that the difference must be minimal. The ACC hasn’t changed and still...
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    Sat nav

    Yes it does. It’s actually not that bad if you persevere with it. Using Apple carplay is a better overall experience though I find.
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    SOH 98.31 after 19889 miles

    I’m not too concerned. I’ve never seen 163miles!
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    Next years facelift ZS EV

    As far as the 2022 proposed facelift I think it’s a pity that MG didn’t go a bit further with it - if indeed that is similar to the car that will be produced. It does of course makes sense to use the already facelifted ICE version as the platform. I suppose it helps keep the price competitive -...
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    Electrical Glitch??

    Yes - it sounds like it could be related to the wiring loom recall, others have had similar issues.
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    SOH 98.31 after 19889 miles

    My car can show varying predicted ranges - albeit slight (all after a full reset and under the same conditions - i.e. fully charged and balanced ancillary components switched off etc) which is weird. I can get between 159 and 162 miles in N mode - i’m not sure why there is a variation
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