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    Is an MG5ev right for me.

    If I had to pay that much I would stretch an extra 700 and get the new ZS. Extra 23 miles of range and much better screen plus app. Only issue is lack of roof rails on SE trim.
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    MG sets new sales record

    Time travelling again? When you've finished with the Tardis can I have a go?
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    When's the next MG5 delivery?!!

    Not true I am afraid. My wife ordered in September and it isn't due until March. No idea why hers is due after mine but that's what we have been told.
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    Motorway Charging Competition Announcement

    I was really excited about a new forum competition. Feel very let down by this thread.
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    Anyone else find car wash misses rear of HS

    I gave up on those car wash machines after I found they scratched the windows. Shame as they are a nice cheap way to keep the car clean.
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    Next batch of LR? (UK)

    Do you get the bright blue charging cable with it? ;)
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    Next batch of LR? (UK)

    I ordered an Excite a couple of days later. Originally got told November but now January.
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    Next batch of LR? (UK)

    This is what has rattled my cage as well. £75 this weekend and I will have to fill up again in a few days
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    Next batch of LR? (UK)

    I think you ordered around the same time as I did. I guess the dates come down to model and colour chosen.
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    Next batch of LR? (UK)

    Rang my dealer this morning. No update. Frustrating but I can't blame the dealer for the situation. Just wish I had ordered a few weeks earlier when it appeared to be a little quieter.
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    2022 MG ZS EV Long Range - First UK Test Drive Review

    I love the demo of the 360 camera view to assist with parking.... Cut to two cars with neither in a parking space ;)
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    MG5 Range - lower??

    All this talk of heated seats makes me think I should have bought the exclusive. Problem is that heated seats won't warm up my feet. Generally that is where I want the heat.
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    First public charging experience

    How is it driving in the dark with no tinted windows? Is there a lot of glare from the cars behind?
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    One for our Australian Members! Is most of this true??

    This will happen in the UK at some point. I was worried it would happen soon but ev ownership in the UK is still very low. Rising fuel prices will be providing government a lot of extra cash.
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    Home chargers

    Moved house a few years ago and solicitors wanted a full electrical inspection report. Thankfully I had a relatively recent one. They don't care about specific changes.... Just the full inspection report.
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