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  1. pharrison84

    Software upgrades etc at dealer NOT purchased from

    Looking for a bit of guidance / advice. Received car Friday - a Trophy. Generally very happy with it. The entertainment is only on R30 software though, not R33. So with that comes the concern that some of the other software that I can't check is outdated. Having bought via a broker and having...
  2. pharrison84

    Trophy's 4G connection and Android Auto / Carplay

    Just been watching one of Burl Solomon's helpful videos on YouTube about the free WiFi hotspot on the Trophy. This was a useful feature I'd overlooked. With that in mind I suspect I will use the AA for internet radio rather than use DAB, as the DAB sounds a bit glitchy, and is missing logos...
  3. pharrison84

    Android Auto - Coolwalk upgrade

    This should be rolling out to most android handsets now. I'm interested to see images of the screen / hear how it works on the MG4. Has anyone received the upgrade? I think it should have been quite a noticeable change to the display. https://9to5google.com/2023/01/16/android-auto-coolwalk-poll/
  4. pharrison84

    MG4 SE LR - existing owners and outstanding orders

    The SE LR seems on the face of it, reading these forums, to be the least popular of the 3 models currently available in the UK. It's the one we've had on order with Chorley Group since first week of November, and we were advised a 12 week wait, but they were optimistic about it being quicker...
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