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  1. Rolfe

    I've gone and done it now (road trip)

    Yes, I'm sure you're right, which is why I said we need a lot more type 2 chargers all over the place. And they need to be affordable. At the moment a lot of local authorities don't understand the difference between AC and DC, seem fixated on DC provision, and when they think about AC at all...
  2. Rolfe

    Recommended Extension Lead

    Oops, I said I would and I didn't. I'll try it tomorow. If I remember.
  3. Rolfe

    Common sense at last from NCAP ?

  4. Rolfe

    Number of Videos displayed on infotainment display

    Are they all the same format? Because with audio files the car will only find the files that are in formats it can read and I assume it's the same for video files. There is a list in the manual of what audio and video formats are supported, and if some of your videos are in a non-supported...
  5. Rolfe

    I've gone and done it now (road trip)

    GO FOR IT! :) I just looked that up, as there is no "Rh" in Gaelic, and the original spelling seems to be "Reinigeadal". It certainly looks as if you can drive there now, although the Google Streetview van has not dared to try it. You may want to take some lessons from @QLeo first. Once the...
  6. Rolfe

    I've gone and done it now (road trip)

    Tebay? What sort of chargers are you finding at Tebay? I think the ER is one of the top picks if you're doing that sort of trip on anything like a regular basis.
  7. Rolfe

    Main Beam on - safety issue?

    I do think it's an issue with smaller hands. I think you have to look at the layout of the stalk and memorise it, then make an effort to acquire the muscle memory of missing the part with the switches.
  8. Rolfe

    I've gone and done it now (road trip)

    Here's the plan I'll probably go for, in ABRP. I imagine things will change a bit depending on the actual temperature and wind speeds on the day though. (This is 20ºC and no wind.) It's quite a long charge at Forton, because I want to get to the NEC and that means going to 85%. It will be...
  9. Rolfe

    Unknown icon on infotainment screen

    Ah, I think you're right, I will edit.
  10. Rolfe

    Unknown icon on infotainment screen

    Could you take a photo of what you're seeing? Also, what do you mean by "lion"?
  11. Rolfe

    Main Beam on - safety issue?

    It's happened to me too. Two or three times I've found myself in what appears to be absolute darkness when trying to dim the headlights. I find the auto-dipping to be a pain because the bloody car is always dipping them when there is no approaching traffic - usually at a difficult bend, when it...
  12. Rolfe

    MG4 Charging port lights stopped working

    OK, I merged them. The earlier one was already in use anyway.
  13. Rolfe

    I've gone and done it now (road trip)

    When I did the original trip this thread was about, I stopped at Cherwell Valley both ways. On the way south I'd never been there before and it seemed a bit busy but there was a free charger so I went for it. It was only as I was connecting that I realised I'd got a 50 kW, whereas the ones...
  14. Rolfe

    MG4 charging - lack of feedback

    I always granny charge, and use a similar system to @JonnyG. I've pretty much never had any trouble. Park in garage. Get out and remove everything from the car I want to take with me. Walk round to the charging port, open it, and plug in. Switch on the socket at the wall. (It doesn't seem to...
  15. Rolfe

    How do you pre heat the battery

    I have never used it, and it's something I'm really confused about. There was an earlier thread where people tried to explain it, or work their way through their misconceptions, but I never got it clear in my mind. (It was originally split off as a derail from a thread about cabin heating.)...
  16. Rolfe

    Common sense at last from NCAP ?

    I agree, the MG4 really isn't bad at all for most things. I can usually avoid touching the screen when I'm driving if I set it up right on the pre-flight check. Of course that includes turning off the LKA every time because there is no way I want to go through that rigmarole to get rid of it...
  17. Rolfe

    MG4 Spotted! : Was it you?

    I forgot to mention the black car (I think it was an SE) I saw in south Edinburgh about ten days ago. 23rd February, it must have been, around 2.15 to 2.30. It was travelling south on the A702, somewhere around the Buckstone area. I was driving north, and idly ticking off green-striped...
  18. Rolfe

    I've gone and done it now (road trip)

    If you are in a hurry, and if you are on a long trip. Absolutely. But for how many people is that a real requirement? Most people don't drive beyond the range of their cars in a day, and if they car charge overnight (the real charger priority should be to have type 2 charging available within...
  19. Rolfe

    Shiny! (Clean car)

    I have a couple of starlings raising a family in my garage eaves most springs. Someone on the forum recommended some sort of spray-on stuff that worked very well.
  20. Rolfe

    Tricky Chargers

    The thing is though, that it's very unlikely you'll get no petrol after you've authorised your card. So it won't matter at all in practice. It's not at all beyond the bounds of possibility that you won't get a charge after authorising your card at a charger. Then the authorisation amount is...
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