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  1. pgh

    For Sale Type 2 charging cable

    Type 2 to Type 2 (7.2Kw) | 32A | Mode 3 | 1 Phase | 5 Meter | FREE Carry Bag | EV/Electric Vehicle Car charging cable Bought off Amazon last June. No longer needed as I've sold my car. Cost £106 and actually never used as I did all my charging at home with a tethered cable. Make me an offer if...
  2. pgh

    Deal Agreed MG ZS EV Boot Liner

    Hi, it cost me around £45 so I'd be happy with £20 plus whatever it costs to post, probably around £7-10. Contact me on ***************** and we can sort out the details. Sorry for a breach of the forum rules. Contact me by DM if interested.
  3. pgh

    Deal Agreed MGZS Long Range Trophy Connect in Black 72 Reg

    Very good and although I got a bit less than they anticipated it was still a fair price, £6000 more than WBAC and £3000 more than Cazoo were offering. I used them with my previous sale and that worked very well too.
  4. pgh

    Deal Agreed MGZS Long Range Trophy Connect in Black 72 Reg

    Actually my white one didn't sell here,I sold it on Motorway (for a little less than I was hoping but still OK). Seems the second hand market might be settling down a bit. Good luck with this one.
  5. pgh

    Deal Agreed MG ZS EV Boot Liner

    I'm embarrassed to admit to be going back to an ICE car 🤢 I just don't use it enough to justify having £30000 sitting idle on the drive so I bought a small cheap runabout.
  6. pgh

    Deal Agreed MG ZS EV Boot Liner

    "Quilted" effect full boot liner for ZS EV. Used for a few months to protect boot from my muddy pooch! Still in good condition. Bought from Ali Express. No reasonable offer refused. Selling the car so no use to me now.
  7. pgh

    Deal Agreed MG ZS EV V2L cable

    EVCables V2L 5M with single 3 pin socket. Works fine with my 2nd Generation Trophy LR (2022). Originally cost me £190 but I'm open to reasonable offers.
  8. pgh

    Deal Agreed Selling Mk2 Trophy LR

    I hope it's OK to post this here. I'm about to sell my 2022 Trophy LR in Arctic White with sunroof. It's only done just over 2200 Miles and is in pristine condition. Before I put it on Motorway I wondered if anyone here might like to jump the queue for an only slightly used one. I'm looking for...
  9. pgh

    Nextbase 622GW with Rear Cam power requirements

    Same here, no problems.
  10. pgh

    MG ZS EV Battery heating system failure

    I just tried with the ios App and got the failure message. Thought it was just me!
  11. pgh

    Vehicle to Load (V2L) - Any Information or First Hand Experiences?

    I do wonder about the software version though. Mine was purchased in June this year and has not been back to the dealer since. Reading another thread there is talk of an update which allows you to unlock the car and remove the charger plug even if you don't stop the charging. I can't do that...
  12. pgh

    Vehicle to Load (V2L) - Any Information or First Hand Experiences?

    No, mine is a 2022 Trophy LR, not a connect. Although it will run the washing machine, my tumble dryer is too high a wattage so causes the inverter to cut out. Maybe try with something slightly lower power?
  13. pgh

    Vehicle to Load (V2L) - Any Information or First Hand Experiences?

    Just to reiterate that it most definitely IS possible as I do just that frequently. The downside is that it can flatten the 12v battery unless you use the ismart app to check the status every hour or two. This triggers the car to recharge the 12v battery. The sequence I use is to turn the car...
  14. pgh

    Vehicle to Load (V2L) - Any Information or First Hand Experiences?

    My tumble dryer is rated at 3kw and when I tried running it from the V2L it ran for a short while then cut out, presumably because the inverter was overloaded.
  15. pgh

    MG ZS EV Cameras and sensors failing

    I've just started getting these errors on my 2022 Trophy LR. Sometimes clears itself while driving, sometimes it stays until I turn off. Doesn't seem to affect the driving but it's worrying nevertheless. I've not been back to the dealer since I got it in June so I have no idea what software mods...
  16. pgh

    Process of selling my car privately?

    It was my previous car I sold. As I remember WBAC offered around £27000, Motorway suggested £29000 and I eventually got £29700. A very painless transaction and there was no quibbling when they picked it up and paid straight into my bank account.
  17. pgh

    Mods for Efficiency

    Actually driving normally I've found that if I lift off the accelerator and let regen do its thing, the brake lights come on then. I've sometimes thought it must be annoying for the car behind..
  18. pgh

    Process of selling my car privately?

    Just checked my ZS Trophy LR registered at the end of June 2022 with 1500 Miles on the clock. Motorway are currently suggesting £30205. When I bought the car I sold my previous car through them and got more than their estimate and a good £2500 more than WBAC. I would happily use them again.
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