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  1. isaggers

    Cockpit interior fuse box

    I still haven't got round to installing this, so thanks :)
  2. isaggers

    Cockpit interior fuse box

    Oh yeah! Cheers, I will get started, thanks.
  3. isaggers

    Cockpit interior fuse box

    Hi, thanks for all this info. Is the fuse box in exactly the same place for a Left Hand Drive version here in Europe? (MG EHS). Or is it the opposite side of the car, again by the steering column? Thanks for any help (never installed a dashcam before on any kind of car...)
  4. isaggers

    Boot button doesn't work

    If the tailgate is left open too long (don't know the exact time sadly), then the car deliberately switches the electrical supply off to save the 12V battery. It's OK to then close the boot manually.
  5. isaggers

    Sat Nav upgrade

    What an outstanding, helpful post. Thank you so much, these are the instructions I have been dreaming about. I'm off to try it, thanks again!
  6. isaggers

    I’m just LOVING it!!!

    What a great note Jeff, thanks for the upbeat message, I have similar feelings about the car. There are still plenty of things which confuse and amaze me (eg "How do I save settings when I make changes, it seems I have to set them again every time I set off?") but overall the car is stunning...
  7. isaggers

    Webasto heater ? JUST INSTALLED :-)

    Thanks, I'm also in NL and interested in this. Very helpful.
  8. isaggers

    Passenger door opening - Delay option?

    Yeah... it has saved me from hitting about 6 cyclists since I moved to Holland! But then we have a lot of cyclists of course.
  9. isaggers

    MG HS PHEV Review

    Fantastic bodywork. I might have to order one.
  10. isaggers

    Dropping out of EV mode

    It's reassuring to know these are common faults, I get all of them. In EV mode, I also get a second acceleration failure at 120 kph (I'm in Holland with the EHS).
  11. isaggers

    Car play ISO 15

    Hi Jto, IOS 15 is just downloading on my iPhone now.... will try it out asap.
  12. isaggers

    Condensation Issues?

    Hi, I can relate to this. I picked up my EHS PHEV here in Amsterdam on Friday, and I've noticed that there's no hot air while driving in EV mode, which is similar to the post above. As soon as I put the heating on, it switches to petrol mode. This does kind of make sense, but it means I had...
  13. isaggers

    Van Mossel MG Amsterdam - MG Dealer Discussion, Opinions & Experiences

    I am about to order an EHS from Jesse at this dealer. He has committed to making sure all the latest software updates are applied (he said "it's in our interest to give you the very latest versions because we don't you to come back"). So far, experience has been great.
  14. isaggers

    EHS - long-distance petrol consumption...

    Hi all.... just been for a EHS test drive in Amsterdam and loved the car. Got a simple question regarding the small petrol tank (37 litres). Assuming you had a long journey as part of a holiday trip, how far would you expect an averagely-loaded EHS to travel between petrol garages to refill...
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