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  1. Fluffykins

    What would make public charging better for you..?

    And get rid of the slick diesel coating on all pavement and road surfaces and clean the toilets. Oh, and especially if it's a Shell station: have chargers that work.
  2. Fluffykins

    Leaving car at the Airport Holiday

    Left ours (MG5SR Pre facelift) for 7 weeks over Christmas 2022 at 80%. All fine on return.
  3. Fluffykins

    Navi Extras

    A half decent alternative if you don't/can't use mobile data is Navmii. It's free. The maps are also free and get downloaded to your phone, which you can do via WiFi (I make sure the maps are assigned to the memory card, rather than internal memory). Coverage is via a range of maps worldwide...
  4. Fluffykins

    Ejector seat command fail

    Not big enough. There are, however, council provided wheeliebins, which seem purpose designed to be the basis of an adult version.
  5. Fluffykins

    Ejector seat command fail

    The original article (Google for it) was a 4 wheeler with an old battery drill clamped down on the chassis, with it's chuck tightened on nothing and bearing against one of the tyres. My version used a clip-on motor/gearbox/wheel assembly that was intended to mount underneath a wheelchair as a...
  6. Fluffykins

    Ejector seat command fail

    "My inner child" - that reminds me of my first electric car - or rather,one I built for the grandkiddies. Ladies and gentlefolk, I present: The Swingbin Racer. It's an early photo. The steering wheel (ex Wii steering wheel frame) and sundry catches had to be fitted. I got to a leccy three...
  7. Fluffykins

    Ejector seat command fail

    Heard a wheeze with an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot (you could probably do it with a Google device too). Chap set up a routine, ostensibly to turn off their bedroom light. When anyone gave the command to turn off the light, what it actually did was turn off the bedroom light, then wait five minutes...
  8. Fluffykins

    Tesla Supercharger Issue MG5 LR

    Me neither, inna gonna, dinna wanna, canna, shanna.
  9. Fluffykins

    MG5 Brake failure

    Hang on: you reported a strange noise coming from the rear wheel area last year and asked them to check the brakes. I bet the car wasn't over 45k miles when you first reported a possible issue with the brakes. The fact that they couldn't find anything doesn't mean a fault wasn't there. Surely...
  10. Fluffykins

    Lazy Lock - Remote open/close all windows. Can it be disabled?

    Lazy Clock (long press on key fob opens / closes all four windows together) caught me out again today when my key fob got pressed whilst in my pocket. Has anyone succeeded in disabling the feature on an MG5 SR non-facelift? Can't find anything about it in the manual so I assume it isn't possible.
  11. Fluffykins

    Odd problem with the car

    I drive an electric car. It is fantastic during D for Daylight but as soon as the sun goes down and I set it to N for Nighttime the damn thing won’t move.
  12. Fluffykins

    Say Hello

    Just remember the 5 isn't really an MG. If you want the family roots of the MG5, that is based on: The Roewe Ei5, which is based on: The Roewe i5, which is based on: The Roewe 360, which is based on: The Roewe 350, which is based on: The Buick Excelle, which is based on: The Hyundai Lacetti...
  13. Fluffykins

    DAB +

    It'd just be nice if DAB worked properly in the first place. I'm fed up with bubbling mud and the odd second of broadcast stuttering as the set transfers from one repeater to another
  14. Fluffykins

    EV charging price comparison tool

    Eyeup EV-ers. Saw a reference to this site today. Looks moderately useful. Compare Public EV Networks Now, if they pitched in with reliability tables as well, that'd be even more useful.
  15. Fluffykins

    Interesting/worrying story from Scotland - ZS with no brakes.

    Well, it certainly happened on an MG5, as writ in these hallowed threads: https://www.mgevs.com/threads/rear-flexible-brake-pipes.3352
  16. Fluffykins

    Interesting/worrying story from Scotland - ZS with no brakes.

    If the vehicle is still in Drive (or reverse) it'll still try to creep even with no foot on the accelerator, in the same way as almost all automatics. It'll be interesting to see what the final diagnosis is. I know there have been reports if MG5s (IIRC) having an improperly secured brake hose...
  17. Fluffykins

    Are you using a frunk? {aka froot)

    I have a nice hi viz jacket and a type 2 lead tucked in my frunk. They've been there the past 3 years with only the occasional outing. The jacket is still clean - you just need to be careful everything is tidy and nothing sticks out to get trapped under the stay or the bonnet rubber and care is...
  18. Fluffykins

    so.. who misses their ICE car....

    There's a couple of things that I miss from my old Passat estate: the boot was significantly larger than the MG5's and the rear seats folded properly. With squab up against the front seats and the back dropped fully down to give a longer and flat floor. Oh, and I didn't have to wait for ages for...
  19. Fluffykins

    Balance Charging....AGAIN!!!!

    If it reassures you about using the granny charger for significant charging, that's exactly what I do when I visit my son (just under 400 mile round trip). I plug in at his place with whatever is remaining in the battery, which is about 15% or thereabouts. Recharges to 100% in ca. 17 hours on...
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