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  1. Darkriver

    Unable to to download phone contacts.

    Day 2 with my ZS EV and after several attempts and advice from the Facebook group, I have been unable to download contacts and call history from my Android Smartphone to the car. I can do it with many other cars using the same phone but not the MG, does anyone else have this issue or have a...
  2. Darkriver

    An update on updates?

    Can anyone clarify how many updates there have been and what they do?
  3. Darkriver

    MG 5 EV Estate Coming Soon To The UK

    It will be: Similar size to Golf/Astra/Focus Estate 200 miles+ WLTP range (approx 60kWh battery TBC) £20-25k price (TBC) 578 Litres of boot space (1456 litres with seats folded!) CCS charging (under MG badge) Launching July 2020 - first deliveries due September 2020 2000 available for 2020...
  4. Darkriver

    Rustgate? Does/Will this affect the ZS EV?
  5. Darkriver

    MG ZS EV Smartgate

    This morning I sent an email to my chosen dealership, please see the text below. "Dear Xxxxxxx, Further to our previous email conversations. It is my understanding that the MG ZS EV does not have built in timed charging but that it should be possible to charge from a suitable charge point...
  6. Darkriver

    Email from Dealer

    I just received this email from a dealer, strangely not the one I chose:unsure: "Dear sir / madam, As some of you are aware the launch of the new ZS EV should have been on Sunday and you were expecting a call from me to arrange a test drive with you shortly according to where you are on the...
  7. Darkriver

    ZS EV Production Model Test Drive?

    Has anyone driven the UK production model yet?
  8. Darkriver

    MG ZS EV Collection Date Looming?

    Although I am fairly near numerically to the front of the queue, No.35 according to my selected dealership, I am not in a desperate hurry to get the car. I would have preferred to be further back on the list as I would like to see the opinions of the buyers, not just the "professional...
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