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  1. Paulie68

    Sold Genuine MG ZS EV Space saver spare wheel kit. Now sold.

    ZS EV Space saver spare wheel and tool kit for the ZS EV, brand new and unused. £135. Heavy, so would prefer local pick up From DN37 area, but will post it to you at cost if you twist my arm a bit... If one of you miserable lot don't buy it soon, it's going on ebay for £160!! lol!! ;)
  2. Paulie68

    For Sale Ronal 18"x 8" (Audi) wheels for the ZS EV

    Now my car is sold, I have for sale my set of 18" Audi Ronal wheels with correct MG centre caps. They come complete with the correct spigot rings and bolt set to use with the MG. They also have a set of cloneable TPS sensors inside and I'll throw in the programming pad to match them to your car...
  3. Paulie68

    Good bye everyone. :)

    The current crazy used car market and a change in our situation meaning we don't need to have 2 cars has tempted me to sell my ZS, as I have a cunning plan I need some money for, lol! Cazoo are the culprits, offering me a ludicrous £20,350, only £1,650 less than I bought it for 18 months &...
  4. Paulie68

    Next years facelift ZS EV

    Has anyone else seen this yet? Looks like we get to keep the current grille whilst getting a unique new bumper style and bigger battery. New power train too... More here:
  5. Paulie68

    More car maths and battery capacity not what it should be....

    Following on from my post where I suggested the car was not good at maths, I've been paying attention to range and figures. Now the weather is warmer and range is back up, I'm suspecting the last BMS update might have restricted battery capacity available for use more than expected. My useage...
  6. Paulie68

    Is your cars maths correct? Mine never is!

    So what's wrong with this picture? Well, assuming a conservatively useable 41kWh from the battery, 4.5m/kWh should give me a total of 184.5 miles, but I'm on track for 175.1! I've noticed it's always short. This is in economy too, with no ventilation on so it is the maximum possible range...
  7. Paulie68

    25/01/21: Just had latest BMS software. Observations...

    So I had the first service done today. The garage also applied the latest BMS update along with the HV fuse protection update. My car hasn't had any previous BMS updates after the comfort 2 earlier this year, so this may, or may not, be relevant. Anyway, unlike the previous BMS updates...
  8. Paulie68

    Rear chrome trim, oh dear!!

    So, I gave the car a really thorough clean today. Pleased to report after 12 months the paint is still all great and all the original MG chrome is still perfect. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the MG supplied Chrome accessory trim for the bottom of the tailgate. This is clearly...
  9. Paulie68

    Autocar article on the e-motion

    There's more speculation about the car here, don't know how accurate it is, but I do hope the later this year talk is true. The render they've done from the patent drawings is the sexiest yet! Wow!
  10. Paulie68

    No heated mirrors on exclusive!

    So now the weather has got colder I've started to use the heated rear window to defrost in the morning, only to find the mirrors stay frozen! So I don't seem to have heated rear side mirrors. I was sure the exclusive had them and having checked the specification again it should indeed have them...
  11. Paulie68

    Check your Granny!

    This may be of interest to us all... Due to the wife's car being in the way and as I'm too lazy to swap things around, I'll often just pop my car on the 13A outside socket and granny charge it rather than use our 7kW point. I've done this maybe a total of 20 times over the last 7 months. As...
  12. Paulie68

    Bonnet support struts, a warning on the hinge mounted types!

    OK guys, if anyone has bought the type of struts that were mentioned on here a couple of weeks back, or you're thinking about buying them. you need to read this!! (This warning applies to the type that bolt to the bonnet hinges. There are other types that bolt to the bonnet insulation pad...
  13. Paulie68

    200 Club

    Thought I'd start this thread for any of us who have achieved 200 miles or more per charge to reply :) I'm currently trying to achieve it this week. so far I'm at 40 miles, showing 5 miles per kWh, so on track so far, I'll let you know how I do.
  14. Paulie68

    Auto dimming mirror

    Finally got this installed today: It also displays internal temperature in the corner, (can also show external, but the comfort 2 update has saved me having to wire an external sensor!) can you spot the temperature probe? If you can't see it, it's in the top card slot, near the left hand...
  15. Paulie68

    An update on the increasing play on my loose steering column :)

    You might remember my post about play in my steering column from a while ago. well it got gradually worse until it could be moved up and down about 5mm. Today, I had the plastic panels off to wire in my auto dimming mirror, and sort out the buzzy rattle from the A pillar cover, so had a good...
  16. Paulie68

    Got the new wheels on!

    So, I finally got the new wheel set on the car. Need to get some better, scenic, pictures done soon. They're an Audi fitment. 18"x 8J. the offset is 40. Running 245/40/R18 tyres. These are less than 1% bigger in diameter than the originals, so the speedo is still very accurate. They fit...
  17. Paulie68

    Wheel Specification

    Hi all, Can someone point me in the right direction of the full wheel Spec. for the ZS EV please. I know the PCD is 112, but I need the Centre Bore & Offset please. Many thanks.
  18. Paulie68

    Latest info on the up coming production version of the e-motion sports car.

    Thought this might be a good place holder for any info on the progression of the e-motion to production version. Latest snippet on availability:
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