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  1. Stuart Wright

    The MG5 EV at the MG UK website. Official information and ordering

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting, but please post in English.
  2. Stuart Wright

    Possible to change the ZS EV navigation keyboard to QWERTY?

    Wait, the ZS EV doesn't have a QWERTY keyboard in its system? Can you share a photo, please?
  3. Stuart Wright

    What are the costs of the different paint colours on the MG 5 EV?

    These costs apply to both the Excite and Exclusive versions. Color Cost Arctic White £0 Black Pearl +£545 Piccadilly Blue +£545 Westminster Silver +£545 Dynamic Red +£695
  4. Stuart Wright

    What are the differences between the MG 5 EV Exclusive vs Excite versions?

    Two versions What are the differences? Excite OTR From: £24,495 Exclusive OTR From: £26,995 Exterior Silver Roof Rails Yes Electrically Adjustable, Body Colour Door Mirrors Yes Electrically Adjustable, Folding, Heated, Body Colour Door Mirrors Yes Comfort & Convenience...
  5. Stuart Wright

    Full Charged news about the MG 5 EV

  6. Stuart Wright

    Thread curation - your posts might get tweaked

    Thread curation is different to thread moderation. People inherently need thick skins when using forums because people (including myself!) often don't accept opinions different from their own and respond with ad hominem attacks rather than reasoned argument. I will come down heavily on people...
  7. Stuart Wright

    Site updates

    Welcome to on Xenforo 2.2. 2.2 adds a collection of great new features, including the ability to repurpose forums as article repositories, a new way to encourage guest users to register, a progressive web app and a completely redesigned rich text editor. Check out the following list...
  8. Stuart Wright

    Location of charging points

    Generally, if the distance is about the same, I go for the motorway because there is more likely to be smooth driving and the opportunity to slipstream. A and B roads are more likely to have points where you have to slow down and speed up, which is less efficient.
  9. Stuart Wright

    Parking on grass

    Does anyone carry a couple of pieces of cardboard to put under the wheels if they start to spin? Worked perfectly for me on ice one winter.
  10. Stuart Wright

    Install a home charger or make do with Granny cable?

    I have only charged my car (admittedly with a slightly smaller battery than the MG) with the granny cable for over 18 months, now (except on a very small number of long distance journeys). But then I'm only doing maybe 80 miles a week. I'm tending to charge once a week, over night with the...
  11. Stuart Wright

    MG HS PHEV plug in hybrid coming to the UK

    Our friend Miles presents a promotional video of the MG HS from Chorley Group
  12. Stuart Wright

    MG HS PHEV plug in hybrid coming to the UK

    You've probably already seen MG to bring HS plug-in hybrid to UK in 2020 | Autocar
  13. Stuart Wright

    My first ever angry email to the Government

    Would be interested in you sharing your letter here.
  14. Stuart Wright

    Fragile infrastructure

    If you do regular journeys where you need 250+ miles of range then you're into £35k for a Hyundai Kona or a Kia e-Niro. Otherwise it's a hybrid. I'd never plan on using an Ecotricity charger, and they should have their monopoly of motorway service stations torn unceremoniously from their...
  15. Stuart Wright

    MG ZS EV community merchandise

    Would people with different coloured MGs want a Teeshirt with a while car on it?
  16. Stuart Wright

    No MGV data in comparison table

    I've swapped the link out for one pointing to the actual article on EVs rather than that website's home page. Which is a hell of a mess!
  17. Stuart Wright

    MG ZS EV community merchandise

    The mugs are white, so having all black printed on them doesn't look great. Nice idea, though.
  18. Stuart Wright

    MG ZS EV community merchandise

    Hey folks, I'm thinking about creating some MG ZS EV community themed teeshirts and mugs which would be available to purchase via Teespring. I'm inviting design ideas for the teeshirts. There is a full colour portrait rectangle area available on the front and back. The design would need to...
  19. Stuart Wright

    The grass isn’t always greener

    That's the difference between choosing which ICE car and choosing which EV is best for you. It also dictates how much money you might have to spend. You want 250 miles as cheap as possible? You spend £35k for a Kona or an e-Niro. I drove 370 miles doing an errand the other day. I had to...
  20. Stuart Wright

    Best deals on MG ZS EVs in the UK

    Saw this today. £21,995. Is that particularly good?
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