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  1. Mike

    Tester wanted for rear dampers.

    Hi all, I’ve copied this from the Facebook page. Hello all, we are currently working on a spring, and damper kit for the MGZS EV. The objective being to improve body control, reducing pitch, and improve steering feel. The kit will be available in 3 stages. Stage 1. Rear dampers only. Stage 2...
  2. Mike

    Here is my latest update on changing my MG ZS suspension

    Hi All, Here is my latest video update on my suspension changes. I think we are there now....
  3. Mike

    BMS mid 2020 update

    Hi all, ive just uploaded a video about the latest BMS update
  4. Mike

    OVMS support is coming

    Hi All, Not sure if you have seen this elsewhere, but the guys working on the MG ZS EV and OVMS have made some good progress. At the moment we can only read stuff and not send any commands yet. The Android app is up and running with MG ZS EV graphics, but the iOS app is being updated, but...
  5. Mike

    New MG EV website

    I’m not sure if you are aware, but there is a new website created by the Facebook Group MG EV Owners Club. I helped them write the Q&A section, which may help new owners of MG EV’s.
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