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    Home charger installation

    If you have a home charger installation, can you provide a few lines on which one you chose and why you chose it, and does it fulfill your expectations? Thanks.
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    EV’s in London.

    just loaded my cars onto my account with TFL for visits to London. EV’s must register every year for 100% discount and pay £10, send copies of documents and wait a few weeks for clearance ! How crazy is that!
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    Mileometer reading

    Has anyone ascertained whether the mileometer reading on the right hand side is an accurate reading from the wheels, rather than being derived from the GOM meter? I would assume the former……?
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    Key in back-up position

    My car is in a bodyshop for repairs after a minor accident and has been there for two weeks. The mechanic has left the key in the car over that period. Now, when he tries to move the car, it "bongs" repeatedly ans shows "place key in backup position". The car will not go into "Ready" mode...
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    Failed door lock

    As mentioned a few week's ago, the offside rear door lock completely failed with the car about a year old and 5000 miles. The door could not be opened by using either inside or outside door handles, which is obviously a safety issue. The supplying garage took 2 weeks to get the appropriate parts...
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    Door Handles

    I seem to remember seeing some threads ages ago about door handles. I have found recently that all four handles have become sticky and do not return properly to their resting positions - is this the common problem? What is the cure? The car is due its first service soon.
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    Pedestrian alert control system

    Can anyone tell me how to turn on and off the Pedestrian alert system? It says you can in the handbook, but not how to do it. My car it seems to be off, but it says the default is on? Any ideas?
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