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  1. Kithmo

    Slippy out today.

    Went to the vets with the dogs for their annual jabs today and drove into their car park which is on a steep slope, covered in wet snow, everyone else was (sensibly) parked on the road (a cul de sac) which is less of a slope. Anyhow, first thing that happened was the car suddenly rolled forward...
  2. Kithmo

    Why does the radio volume go down when I put the car in reverse ?

    As in the the title, I can't see any logic in it. :unsure:
  3. Kithmo

    HV battery cooling system.

    Does the HV battery cooling system warm up the battery on cold days as well as keeping it cool when charging and in use etc ? I was just wondering, if it does, where does it get it's heat from, i.e. does it use up some of the range ?
  4. Kithmo

    Smileys ?

    Has something changed on the forum, or is it some setting I've accidentally changed, I don't see the add a smiley option on posts anymore ?
  5. Kithmo

    Dash cam recommendations.

    Anyone recommend a good dash cam ? It's about 5 years since I bought my old Dodd 460W dashcam which is still in my Prius. It was one of the best available at the time, it's just HD 1080p but the footage is amazing, especially night time, you can see every number plate and such. I've looked...
  6. Kithmo

    Silica gel bags in headlights ?

    Having bit the bullet and gone for some LED headlight bulbs, I came to fit them and found a quite large silica gel bag in each headlight. I know they're used to soak up damp and thought what a good idea to prevent the headlights misting up inside. But what I'm wondering is, a) has anyone else...
  7. Kithmo

    MG pilot off.

    Can you turn MG pilot off without turning ACC off or do you have to turn it all off and start again to just get ACC back without pilot ?
  8. Kithmo

    Nav direction

    Is there a way to orientate the nav so that it shows as the way you're heading instead of just just being North up all the time ? I've checked settings and can't find anything. It's not a problem, just sometimes I prefer to see what's around me on the map as I'm going forward rather than having...
  9. Kithmo

    More miles/kWh urban or not ?

    Before today I had only done short, 6 mile round trip, journeys in the ZS and was consistently getting 3.4-3.6 miles/kWh. Today I went on a 200 mile trip and got 4.5 miles/kWh, which indicates to me that it's the other way round to what the WLT figures say. ?
  10. Kithmo

    Double locking

    At first I thought the ZS didn't have double locking, seeing as how we only press the door button once to lock. Being used to double locking the Prius with two touches of the door handle, when I first got the ZS and expecting it to double lock, I was trying to do it by pressing the door button...
  11. Kithmo

    Side entry dummy wall socket ?

    Does anybody know if a side entry dummy wall socket is available to put my tethered cable plug into ? That is, one where the plug comes out parallel to the wall and not sticking out perpendicular. If not, my only option is to make a bracket and I would rather have a neater solution.
  12. Kithmo

    Does Android auto use much phone data ?

    My PAYG phone bundle only gives me about 500Mb of data each month, as I normally only use it for calls and texts. If I connect to Android auto to go on a longer journey, say 2-3 hours would I be using much data running just maps and not streaming music etc ?
  13. Kithmo

    Car beeped at me today

    I thought seeing as you can lock the car, then unlock the rear hatch without unlocking the doors that I would see if I could lock an unlocked car with the hatch open. When I pressed the lock button on the driver's door the car beeped the horn (not a bong) once, then when I closed the hatch the...
  14. Kithmo

    Secret hole

    For anyone who hasn't found it yet, I just removed the little mat in the cubby hole in front of the gear selector to clean it and found a larger square hole under the small one on the right hand side going through to the lower storage where the USB ports are, obviously for a USB cable to pass...
  15. Kithmo

    kWh drop off when charging.

    Just as a matter of interest, not really a concern, but I did a home charge from around 40% to full last night and I noticed on the old smart meter monitor the kWh being used dropped from 7.2 kWH to around 2.8 kWH for the last hour. At first I though it may be doing the cell balancing routine...
  16. Kithmo

    12v battery level

    I've read in various places that the 12v battery gets charged up when you're charging the HV, is this so ? The reason I ask is, yesterday when I did my first home charge (top up) on my Pod Point the first thing I noticed was the 12v battery level was down a notch when I started the car. It had...
  17. Kithmo

    Popped my cherry - First charge

    Thought I'd pop down to Meadowhall Shopping centre, 2 miles away for a short shop, seeing as they have 57 EV car spaces and 38 charge points that are free to use. I found, in the Orange car park, quite near to where I wanted to shop a dedicated EV smaller car park with loads of free chargers. So...
  18. Kithmo

    Navigation manual.

    Does anyone know where I can download a .pdf version of the navigation manual, I have the car manual .pdf off the MG website, but can't find the nav one. I have both paper manuals but hate having to flick through pages, it's much easier to scroll down or up a screen.
  19. Kithmo

    Do you stick to the manufacturer's recommended tyre pressures?

    As a matter of interest, do you guys stick to the manufacturers recommended tyre pressures of 33 psi ? Just asking as one of the tricks to get more mpg out of ICE cars was to up the pressures a little, maybe 3 or 4 psi. Also, how long does it take for the TPMS to settle down, mine is producing...
  20. Kithmo

    Extending the Granny cable

    Just a thought, I know we can use a 13A rated extension cable when we charge with the granny, but I was wondering if we could plug the type 2 charging cable into the granny cable to extend it to the car. So I'm thinking, 13A socket - 13A 10m extension - Granny charger - type 2 cable - car. Is...
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