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  1. Septian

    Have to use dealer bought car from?

    Hi all, I've got another dealer fairly close to where I live that looks a little more "up to date" with the tech and updates than my current dealer, the question is, can I take my car to any other MG franchise to get things serviced/looked at? Or do I have to stick with the place I bought the...
  2. Septian


    What apps are you lot using? I've got quite a few already (I'm sad like that and I'd rather have something already than faffing around when I might need it) Are there any that I've not installed that might be useful? (See attached pictures)
  3. Septian

    List of MG ZS EV updates?

    Evening all, Sorry if this has been posted or answered somewhere before but is there a list around anywhere that shows the updates to the car software wise that are available? I know about the Comfort 2 update and I saw one mentioned about the HV fuse? Sorry again, I just wanted to hammer my...
  4. Septian

    Have an expected date!

    Evening all, Just a quick note to say my MG ZS EV (Exclusive, in black) is due to be delivered to my dealers on the 14th September, It can't come around quickly enough! :D I've yet to hear anything from Rolec regarding survey for installing the charge point (Details have been passed on by my...
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