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  1. Webbo

    Rear interior light

    My wife was complaining about the difficulty of strapping our grandson into his seat without a rear interior light. I found one on Amazon which is really good, it has a self adhesive metal strip which fixes onto the glass roof, the light itself is magnetic and sticks in place on this strip...
  2. Webbo

    CarPlan No 1 Super Gloss

    In B & M at the weekend I bought a bottle of this polish for £8. You just wash and dry the car, spray on polish one panel at a time and spread over the panel with a microfibre cloth. Really easy to do, took around 10 minutes to do the whole car, the only thing to avoid is the windscreen but...
  3. Webbo

    New ZS EV Pimlico Blue

    Hi everyone Took delivery of my car on 1st September and did the first charge last night on the supplied charger (awaiting PodPoint installation) The battery voltage after charging shows 456v and the range 161miles on N 177 on Eco. Having read through other posts it looks like I have the old bms...
  4. Webbo

    Leicester MG

    Has anyone else on here purchased their ZS through Drive in Leicester?
  5. Webbo

    Brakes not breaks

    I know I am pedantic but the number of posts which mention breaks instead of brakes is worrying.
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