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  1. Webbo

    Frunk solution ZS

    The last thing I put in my boot is the charging cable, on top of the luggage
  2. Webbo

    How to lift windscreen wipers.

    me too, when I collected my car I knew more about it than the salesman!
  3. Webbo

    Rear seatbelt warning alert

    I have a child seat permanently in the back of my ZS and don't get any alarms
  4. Webbo

    Satnav problems

    I find that Waze often sends me on inch wide roads that I wouldn't like to go down in a tractor!
  5. Webbo

    Getting slightly concerned…….

    It really is as simple as you propose, I have done 6000 miles in 7 months and rapid charged 6 times, always to 100% The rest of the time at home on my podpoint charger, before I had that fitted I used the granny. Not had a single problem, no need to worry about the state of charge, just use...
  6. Webbo

    Ev charging tariff rip offs

    Since when?
  7. Webbo

    Ev charging tariff rip offs

    There is no way I would have one of these "cheap" tariffs, I have no wish to start having to instruct my wife as to when she can, or can't, use the washing machine, tumble drier etc. With my Podpoint charger it shuts down when it detects a large load from the house, so no way to take advantage...
  8. Webbo

    Gap insurance

    I got mine through them also, less than half what the dealer quoted
  9. Webbo

    MG ZS EV 2020 doesnt retain settings from last drive.

    LED bulbs are illegal unless original fitment, I have fitted Osram nightbreaker and they make a vast difference and are ok to fit
  10. Webbo

    What colour did you choose?

    battersea blue
  11. Webbo

    Battery Longevity

    125 volt battery
  12. Webbo

    ZS EV antenna

    I'm sure there is a post on here somewhere that says you can unscrew the aerial from the base and still get DAB reception
  13. Webbo

    Show off your car on collection day thread?

    Here's mine from September 2021
  14. Webbo

    Charging Issue

    I have a Podpoint and they have a device which cuts power to the charger if the house load is over a certain limit, this is to prevent the main fuse from blowing. When my car is on charge and my wife puts on the oven and tumble drier at the same time the car stops charging. When the oven is up...
  15. Webbo

    Pedestrian alert control system

    And end up in court if you hit a pedestrian, no doubt your insurer would walk away also
  16. Webbo

    Pedestrian alert control system

  17. Webbo

    Is it just me..........

    There is an Esso site near me which has been demolished and its replacement will have 6 chargers and 4 fuel pumps
  18. Webbo

    Checking charge whilst connected.

    Open the door when charging and it shows the percentage on the display, car cannot heat when charging it will run on the 12 volt battery and possibly flatten it
  19. Webbo

    MG5 vs ZS EV

    My Reliant had 10" wheels
  20. Webbo

    12v Car heater and what is the best OBD2 adapter for Watchdog app?

    Make sure you are in Normal not Eco as the heater is restricted in Eco, switch back to Eco when defrosted
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