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  1. Cocijo

    Battery capacity

    It’s a good point - but on a new car I think you’d have a strong case to say the car is not performing as advertised and within specification - if MG played the 70% card on a very new car I’d be very disappointed.
  2. Cocijo

    Battery capacity

    Does anyone know the approximate difference (if any) in the available top and bottom voltages between the latest update and say the 455v software? So, mine is fully charged all accessories off 455v - after the point where the battery warning light starts flashing (around 15 miles left for me)...
  3. Cocijo

    Rattle from behind glove box?

    Yes - I guess that’s quite a common cause! For now - all is quiet....
  4. Cocijo

    Battery capacity

    Yes. I think it might be best. Has your car had a life of rapid charging because on the duff bms this can make the cells worse? The 10v you are down may be losing you up to 10kwh in capacity. Each cell only equalises very slowly and transfers mv across affected cells in the pack - some have...
  5. Cocijo

    Battery capacity

    I worked it out to approx 1to 2kwh usable capacity lost based on the 450v being useable 42.5kwh. So down to about 41kwh usable. Should still see around 120miles range. The issue is the equalisation time it will take to get voltage back up of course.
  6. Cocijo

    Battery capacity

    Oh. Equalization should be done on 3.5 or 7kw AC chargers. What range are you getting?
  7. Cocijo

    Battery capacity

    The latest bms should show around 450v. Some severely affected cars can take a while to recover and need quite a lot of equalization charges. Yours seems to be quite badly effected. A rapid will charge past 80 it just slows down after that. You only need to get battery down to around 95% before...
  8. Cocijo

    Battery capacity

    What’s your voltage when ‘100%’ charged?
  9. Cocijo

    Graphics on dashboard

    My car is blue! Profile pic is not of my car 🙂
  10. Cocijo

    Wallbox Charger

    Hi Terry, what app? Which charger? Need more info. The cable is locked when the car is charging. It will fully charge your car unless you stop it. On some cars unlocking the car stops charging.
  11. Cocijo

    "Green Flash" Registration Plates

    I doubt if emergency services are going to rely on green bar number plates for a safety check of HV battery packs. What if plates smashed/obscured? They will have protocols and training on what to cut and how to handle. On the Tesla there’s a tag on the main HV cable for emergency services to...
  12. Cocijo

    Window door rubbers and outside condensation

    The build quality is actually not that bad 🙂
  13. Cocijo

    "Green Flash" Registration Plates

    Less jarring?
  14. Cocijo

    Good bye and good luck

    Poor quality where in particular? Did you just order your Kona?
  15. Cocijo

    battery warranty‘7-year-warranty’-is-misleading.1363/
  16. Cocijo

    battery warranty

    We have had quite a conversation about the overall MG warranty on here - which is generally not really what most people thought it was...‘7-year-warranty’-is-misleading.1363/
  17. Cocijo

    ZS EV facelift

  18. Cocijo

    ZS EV facelift

    So for example if you have a battery with 100v and 10a that will give you 1kw If it were 200v and 5a you would still get 1kw but more miles per kw? Or is it only more efficient if other components are more efficient too - so changing battery voltage and current has no impact unless other...
  19. Cocijo

    Review of ZS EV - and warranty comments...

    This is an interesting and I think quite fair review. Right at the end the comments about the 7 Year warranty are interesting and could be misleading for perpective buyers don’t you think?
  20. Cocijo

    Why don’t the dealership know

    I think that from a dealer car maintenance and basic understanding point of view an EV is much easier to understand and maintain than an ICE. Like a lot of people on here have, you learn very quickly if you make the effort and have a real interest in the car. It really is not that complicated...
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