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    OEM SatNav : Traffic

    I cannot find the option to enable Live Traffic in the OEM SatNav, is it not available in the HS? I know I can use Android Auto but wanted a backup option.
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    First Impressions - 5 days in

    First impressions having migrated from a Mitsubishi PHEV to the MG HS PHEV. The car is performing very well, impressively self driving around bends keeping a set distance, and auto stopping. Very easy and relaxing in traffic. Couple of observations; I miss the paddles I miss the heated...
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    Car Mats

    Picking up my new HS PHEV this weekend and handing in my Mitsubishi PHEV, not sure if the transition will leave a bad aftertaste or years of driving pleasure! I want some good mats for the HS, I know the MG mats wear pretty quickly so was wondering if anyone could recommend a particular website...
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