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    Anyone used a TESLA charger yet????

    Hi All, I'm doing a journey through France next week. I've done this journey a few times now in the MG ZS (mk1) and this time ABRP has pointed me in the direction of a couple of Tesla chargers. I know that Tesla have opened some chargers and obviously the ones ABRP are showing should accept MGs...
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    12v Car heater and what is the best OBD2 adapter for Watchdog app?

    Hi, Recently I did a long drive in the early morning. As I set off I had to de-ice the car on the inside (yes inside). As it was a long journey I didn't want to use the cars heater too much but obviously safety came first and it took and extra stop. This lead me to search for a 12v car heaters...
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    Eurotunnel Nightmare Charge!!!! and a quick question!

    Hi All, First of all Happy Christmas. Now for the warning.... BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU ARE THINKING OF USING THE FREE RAPID CHARGER AT EUROTUNNEL I live in France and my wife and I decided to come back to the UK for the holidays. I am the proud owner of a 6 month old MG ZS EV and I have...
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    Help with electrical question RE Installation of wall charger

    Hi, Are there any electricians out there who could help with my situation. I live in France and the electrics over here are only slightly different to the systems in the UK. First of all has anyone had a wall charger installed in a French property? Secondly can anyone help with the specifics...
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    Travel through France

    Hi all, I'm a newbie to this site and will be picking up my new MG ZS EV next week from our local dealer in Tressilac just outside of Periguex (that's France by the way). My situation/question is this.. In the middle of July I need to return to the UK for a wedding (COVID restrictions allowing)...
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