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  1. Lovemyev

    2022 ZS ev range

    I agree, but remember if you are fully charging to 100% and then DON'T take that long trip the following morning, then your car battery is sitting brimming to 100% capacity, this type of action is recommended as bad for the long term health for your pack.
  2. Lovemyev

    Steering gone on my 2021 ZS EV

    Have you heard the expression :- "Slow boat from China". Well, it must have been a rowing boat then !. Five months wait on a replacement part is ridiculous and unacceptable today really. I mean, how many cars have they built in five months and they are still unable to supply one part !. Have...
  3. Lovemyev

    MG ZS EV IN IRELAND ....... How is it going?

    Better soon than never right ?. Enjoy after the LONG wait !.
  4. Lovemyev

    CCS charger bricked the ZS Trophy Long range 2022.

    When did you collect your car ?. There was a software update released late March early April 2022 to help with this issue, as suggested by @N2STY . Early adopters of the face lift ZS EV have been submitted to this issue, when using D/C rapid chargers. It does not appear to be a problem when...
  5. Lovemyev

    Wanted mg5 drivers side wing mirror glass

    That looks almost identical to the VW set up, where the glass is bonded to the plastic backing plate that has the heating element built into it. The bonding adhesive breaks down after a few years and it just allows the glass to fall out, when the door is closed !. VW don’t sell just the glass...
  6. Lovemyev

    Windscreen Misting - Mop Solution

    After owning a Gen1 ZS EV for over two years and 20,000 miles, now a Gen 2 model for almost 10 months and 8,500 miles, I have not had a huge issue with the car misting up TBH ???. Of course if you enter the car with damp coats / clothes this will cause misting very quickly. Only today, I called...
  7. Lovemyev

    Front Camera Disable

    What a shot Mr / Mrs Seagull ! :poop:.
  8. Lovemyev

    V2L Test. 7Kw output...

    We have a 0.5 litre capacity travel kettle that is only ratted at 1 Kw. Not too large to carry around and enough capacity for a little over two mugs of tea / coffee etc and is WELL inside the carrying load of the V2L cable. Very affordable and can be used on 110v - 240 volts of course.
  9. Lovemyev

    SOC Contradiction

    The standard range battery chemistry is totally different to the pack in the long range model. That is the reason why MG wants you to charge the standard range to 100% SOC every time you plug into your wall box / Granny. The App suggests you can adjust the charging level down from 100% on the...
  10. Lovemyev

    Rear washer stopped working - brake system to be stripped to repair

    A small tie wrap around the hose will secure it better I feel.
  11. Lovemyev

    Wanted mg5 drivers side wing mirror glass

    On my Iphone it will ask me ifI want to upload in the actual size or smaller, chose the small size and you should be okay. Try adding the photos slowly one at a time, then post the reply.
  12. Lovemyev

    Rear Brake Discs corroded, 3700 miles in, + bonus other issues

    He is video that clearly depicts the situation with regards premature disc / rotor rust and contamination. Also, explains why pads can sometimes outlast the car itself !.
  13. Lovemyev

    First MOT

    Agreed, but the wait time on a lot of MG spare parts appear to be a lot longer than many of the the other manufactures?. After speaking with a parts department of a local multi brand dealer, they agreed that the wait time on MG parts was always longer than any of the other manufacturers that...
  14. Lovemyev

    ZS EV Trophy Connect - Maintain vehicle soon - warning light

    I am betting its a Trophy LR connect and not the Trophy LR ?.
  15. Lovemyev

    First MOT

    I think the whole problem here Les is this. MG are totally and utterly focussed on building up their market share in the U.K. market. Rather than also looking after / retaining the customers that have already have both supported / put the trust in the brand on the first EV models that where...
  16. Lovemyev

    Wanted mg5 drivers side wing mirror glass

    Thanks Dan !. Any chance of a photo please ?.
  17. Lovemyev

    First MOT

    100% @N2STY
  18. Lovemyev

    First MOT

    "Check software version of electronic control units and upgrade to latest version IF available" leaves the door open a little there. This is found on the service sheet 100% true and correct, however CERTAIN dealers who appear to be ( let's say ) a little nervous / inexperienced in applying these...
  19. Lovemyev


    Same here for about 14 hours.
  20. Lovemyev

    First MOT

    I would tend to think, that if the car was submitted for either an annual standard service or and maybe to including an MOT. If the customer had not reported an issues with the car, would they even run a diag test ?. If you WHERE running a diag or applying any updates, then why not check the SOH...
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