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  1. Cocijo

    Electric plane in 🇦🇺 Australia - range anxiety in the air could be interesting!

    Nice to see aviation getting in on the electric scene.
  2. Cocijo

    Does HV battery charging charge up a flat 12v battery?

    I wondered. If your 12v battery is flat does connecting to a HV charger charge it up or does the 12v need to be charged up first before the HV charger will work?
  3. Cocijo

    Don’t leave your jump start battery in the boot!

    My friend left her lights on and drained the 12v battery on her ZS. She used the key to get into the car but couldn’t open the tailgate to get to her jump start pack. I suppose she could have dropped the rear seats down? but she didn’t think of that. The pack is now kept in the passenger part of...
  4. Cocijo


    It’s been sensational the last few days driving in the warm weather getting great range with the roof wide open. The wind deflector soon catches lots of flys 🪰 though! Enough to feed a few birds! And keep your head covered if you have no hair!
  5. Cocijo

    Is there an aircon function on the heat setting or is it just a cool air setting?

    For quite a while now I’ve assumed that air gets conditioned when selected, on all heat settings - helping demisting in winter and cooling in summer. i’m beginning to think that when the heat setting is applied the aircon function switches off. On my car you can hear the aircon engage when a...
  6. Cocijo

    Is this ultimate range anxiety? Should have planned the route better!
  7. Cocijo

    Achieved 6.2mpk today!

    Short journey all town work 16c in traffic. EV’s love low speed - and warm weather!
  8. Cocijo

    Calling all car rust protection specialists!

    Does anyone on here know and recommend any businesses that do quality underbody rust treatment? Maybe there are some on here already. I sense a big oportunity to do a good job at the right price on the MG - most owners would love to keep their car longer term - me included! Please comment and...
  9. Cocijo

    Knocking noise from the sunroof area!

    I’ve posted my experiences so far on other threads (sorry if I hijacked your thread🙄). I thought I would start a thread detailing my experiences so that these might help others with a similar issue. Funnily enough I was only thinking that after about 5000miles my car has, apart from the odd...
  10. Cocijo

    Automatic Switch that turns on interior boot light - where is it? Good power source in boot area?

    Does anyine know where the switch is located that automatically turns on the interior boot light when the tailgate is lifted? I’m thinking of taking power from there for a rear carcam. Any other suggestions for a place to take the power supply from? I don’t want to run a long cable. Thanks 🙂
  11. Cocijo

    I keep getting this strange FM radio station appear!

    It appears at random - I hope it’s not rude! Nothing broadcast - that I can hear anyway.
  12. Cocijo

    New graphics - for me anyway!

    I noticed these 2 graphics for the first time today! Can’t believe I’ve not noticed them in 5000miles of use! I wonder what the green circles on the car mean?
  13. Cocijo

    British Summer Time - has your car clock automatically updated?

    It’s that time when clocks go forward. My car clock is set to gps auto-update - but has not updated for some reason. Anyone else had this?
  14. Cocijo

    Is the ZS the only EV with an opening panoramic sunroof?

    Are there any other EV’s that offer such a large opening sunroof?
  15. Cocijo

    Travel using rapid chargers is dearer than using a diesel?

    With the high cost of rapid chargers in many areas it’s actually dearer to travel with an EV than with a good average MPG diesel car. The EV charging prices are ridiculous in some areas of the UK - some charging 64p/kwh. Using £5.60 per gal and averaging 50mpg a diesel will cost 11p/mile for...
  16. Cocijo

    Interesting article on UK EV travel
  17. Cocijo

    End of the road for Tesla EV grants
  18. Cocijo

    Will the pandemic adversely affect EV battery life?

    Loads of EV’s have been sitting around during lockdowns on full charge getting little use - some for over 12 Months. Whilst some have not left their cars fully charged during this time others have. Will we see a knock on effect in a few years with batteries degrading early?
  19. Cocijo

    Fully Charged Outside

    It will be nice to get out and about again if it happens...
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