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  1. Vipar

    Boot lights

    So MG do monitor this forum 👍🏼
  2. Vipar

    Removal of centre console on a ZS 2022

    I am about to put floor well ambiance lighting in my ZS I need to remove or loosen the centre consul. To hide the wiring I have searched YouTube and on here and can’t find anything about it. Anyone tried this. Anything that I need to know before plunging in head first? Any pictures would be...
  3. Vipar

    The frunk!

    Gonna get some non slip matting next time I’m in the £ shop. Might explore the possibility of glueing a small dome over the hole to stop bits falling through. Although the matting should stop this.
  4. Vipar

    Seat cover from CNCarpower

    Looks pukka 👍🏼
  5. Vipar

    The frunk!

    This is as far as I have got Placed 32ltr box in position. Used a perm marker pen to mark the slot for the cable and the two support holes. Placed box on a bit of scrap wood under the support holes to stop plastic from splitting. Small drill first then one large enough to take the main bolts...
  6. Vipar

    MG ZS EV 2022 boot liner

    A liner to protect the protective liner? How about a liner to protect the liner protector?😂😂😂😂
  7. Vipar

    The frunk!

    What size thread and how long are the bolts? The reason I ask is I will have to order them online as can’t leave the wife too long as she is proper poorly. 🙏.
  8. Vipar

    Speed Limiter Changes

    I do think that there is a speed limiter only a cruise control
  9. Vipar

    Back to diesel

    My other forum, site criticism of anothers grandma would have got you a 3 month suspension
  10. Vipar

    The frunk!

    Whiskey. Can you post a picture with the box empty looking down so that I can see how you fixed it showing the added wooden braces please? Got the box but a bit jittery on how to fix it so that it doesn’t rub on any pipes. Ta in advance
  11. Vipar

    Driving car away without key

    If I leave my key inside my house I can’t open the doors using the door button 15 ft away
  12. Vipar

    Fixing down mats

    I used a small spanner upright and a screwdriver to turn it plus a bit of washing up liquid.
  13. Vipar

    Octopus code

    Thanks Les👍🏼
  14. Vipar

    Octopus code

    Les sent you a personal Message PM Hope you son buys you a meal to go with the drinks🤞😂
  15. Vipar

    Octopus code

    I need a code for Octopus please Vic
  16. Vipar

    Did a stupid thing !

    I used a timer on my granny charger for 6 years to control my charging on my Mitsubishi PHEV never had a problem never got hot
  17. Vipar

    Nasty Number Plate

    I got my car from GH they replaced the number plate and I asked the to fix the front and rear with plastic bolts which thy did foc. I’m a happy bunny now
  18. Vipar

    MG ZS EV - Love the car...BUT two niggling issues

    I got the delivery salesman to turn it off and bind the phone.👍🏼
  19. Vipar

    Unable to activate my ZS EV

    A trip to the dealership
  20. Vipar

    MG ZS EV Tyre Pressure

    I thought that a lentil is a legume?
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