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    EV mode noisy

    Completely normal - Just motor and inverter noise - Mine does the exact same.
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    Emergency braking on level crossing with no nearby cars

    Dashcam recording audio would do it id imagine Very interesting - The tesla vision system (fully camera based) seems to have a huge advantage over the antiquated system in other cars - volvo first introduced the current radar based system in 2009! I suppose the vision system in the tesla can...
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    Compatible OBD2 scanner?

    They don't claim to have it for mg4 yet, no.
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    Compatible OBD2 scanner?

    LAUNCH claim compatibility with SAIC mgs
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    Warning lights come on when car is hot?

    There are major issues going on if the head unit is doing anything other than communication via CAN to change settings of the ADAS e.g. lane assist. Certainly does not on the HS, and a major safety concern if the consumer facing 4g and wifi connected head unit is providing processing for them
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    Autohold function

    I belive auto hold uses brake system pressure instead of the EPB
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    Cyberster - what we know so far

    There is not a fully comparable porsche We have the electric Taycan, but thats a 4 door and costs £20000 more Then we have the petrol 718 boxster. Giving it LED headlights (which is an option lol) and a leather interior brings it to just shy of £60k We also have the 2+ seconds slower 0-60...
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    Warning lights come on when car is hot?

    android head unit will not be flagging issues from the ADAS. Much more likely to be a miscommunication/fault/blocking of the front camera, or one of the 3 radars in the car @tony powell Id have it checked by a dealer if possible to see if they can see any fault history to help rectify the issue
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    Cruise control

    I apologize for my snarky comment earlier - was being stupid As you say, best of both worlds would be giving the driver the choice I would trial it in your Cupra though, even if you never try it again - on the right roads (dual carriageway, motorway and major A roads) it makes for quite a...
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    HELP - Charger Port Pin Broken

    Hope you managed to find the issue and am interested into what it could be.
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    Cruise control

    Its to my constant dismay that ACC didn't become prevalent sooner. In my old XF with standard cruise, it was basically useless on most journeys; we don't travel at midnight so traffic exists on the motorways, meaning that you were constantly playing with buttons to follow the traffic (keeping at...
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    Led upgrade for projector lights and indicators on Exite

    Can you upgrade the headlights to LED? Yes (though it is illegal and may fail an mot, if you aim the bulbs correctly this is unlikely to be an issue). It is a HB3 bulb, a LED replacement would be one like this novsight example ( Upgrading the indicators would...
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    Automatic gearbox question

    The gearbox is really weird as you say - It seems more speed based then load based - Im guessing it has something to do with how the 2 separate gearboxes need to negotiate with each other.
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    HELP - Charger Port Pin Broken

    Was about to say - earth pin especially looks like it has quite a bit of surface corrosion - but not enough to stop it charging surely?
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    HELP - Charger Port Pin Broken

    The granny can warn you of a fault. The meaning of the different combinations of lights can be seen on the back of the granny charger. This might be useful to diagnose the issue.
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    HELP - Charger Port Pin Broken

    Nothing wrong with that from that image. As mentioned numerous times previously The CP pin is shorter as it tells the charger and car if the connector is fully inserted As also mentioned previously: look for another reason the car wont charge. Try a different charger e.g. granny charger to test
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    Apple Maps, add vehicle

    This is to do with MG, Not apple.
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    MG4 Windows dropping?

    I was going to suggest the key being pressed but this seems like a different issue if its only 1 window going down. Surely if the button was being pressed when getting out you would hear the window moving
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    Home Charging - Extension Cable

    HI there. Been using EV extension lead(s) for the longest of times, even got a custom one in orange. Great people to deal with, and a extension lead that fits the bill. Current rating of cable is depending on conductor size (Duh) and the insulation rating. The higher...
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    Charging etiquette- someone unplugged me!

    Interesting point with EV's like the gen 1 ZSEV. Range on that is quite short,meaning that extra 10% could be a massive difference, and battery is not that large. The time taken from 80-90% would be significantly shorter than something such as a tesla model S. Point is though, does the car...
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