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  1. Chrispydoc

    Garage not used for keeping your EV in?

    Our Mitsubshi PHEV was a bit like that.....but at least I wasn't paying for road tax. I've now passed that on to a family member who needs its 4X4 capability,occasionally. Freeing up garage space.;)
  2. Chrispydoc

    Garage not used for keeping your EV in?

    Not quite so good when its p**ing it is is now 16.00. My de-humidifer will be working overtime tonight.
  3. Chrispydoc

    Tyres, tyres, everywhere

    Even though i'm now driving a Kia E Niro, my story is still relevant! Yesterday on nice little drive around the Derbyshire contriside, I was forced into the very edge of a mucky old B road by a fast travelling probs.....but 30 seconds later there was a 'tap tap tapping' from the front...
  4. Chrispydoc

    Can't order the Exclusive but Facelift incoming

    The MG forum is heaps better than another one I could mention! But then again, they perhaps have less to talk about. Some folk have expressed concern about me me mentioning my phone number ...please don't worry...with my 'DeLorean hat on'its been there for many years....essential when gathering...
  5. Chrispydoc

    Can't order the Exclusive but Facelift incoming

    Right chaps, as requested a quick comparison ... between the Kia Eniro 4+ and the OLD ZS Ev. please bare in mind not i'm not very 'techy minded'.. Looks...I think they both look great....the least impressive thing about the Kia in the nose...and lack of grill....then blow me, the new MG looks...
  6. Chrispydoc

    CCS rapid charge issues on zs-any one else?

    I just wonder if the mechanism that should lock the charger head in place, is acting up? It could well then tell the car 'all is not Well' and fail to properly connect up.....just a thought.
  7. Chrispydoc

    Sun roof stuck open and Spare Wheel from eBay

    I could pack it up if you arranged the carrier?
  8. Chrispydoc

    Granny charger

    I used to do the same....was never an issue over the 20 months I had the car.
  9. Chrispydoc

    A sign of things to come

    I really like the angled approach to the parking......we have a few at our local supermarket and they always fill up first and are just so easy to use.:) (Kia now Waxoyed and I love it...but this is not the place to discus it) Still got my new MG spare wheel kit...
  10. Chrispydoc

    Sun roof stuck open and Spare Wheel from eBay

    And now...18 months, my spare wheel is for sale again..... a genuine unused MG EV spare wheel with all the kit, Jack etc in its polystyrene carrier.....yours for £175. Must be collected from Derby. DE22. 01332 556464
  11. Chrispydoc

    16 minutes

    Sounds like a plan! Its difficult to predict timings, in this very volatile market.....but i'm glad I waited until now ......and didn't do it 10 months ago....It would have cost me almost £4K......and i've had nearly a years 'Free' motoring.:)
  12. Chrispydoc

    Care to share your Valuation?

    If you follow through, it will be interesting to see where you actually end up!
  13. Chrispydoc

    Care to share your Valuation?

    I've just come back from Cazoo......wonderful people to deal quiberling with the price and the money was in my bank before I arrived home! I can thoroughly recomend them.😁 ...unlike some other folk in the same business!:(
  14. Chrispydoc

    Info only not MG related. Wow just read the following about Mitsubishi

    Hi Jim, The Outlander ( 4hs) seems much more solid and better "thought-out" car, quite a bit bigger, especially when parking. But that said we had it about 4 years and its been a fine trouble free car. The GOM is telling me high 30's in pure electric range, which to be honest, meets most of our...
  15. Chrispydoc

    2022 video

    I think the new MG5 looks very smart, IMO a better facelift than the EZS.....just my view.
  16. Chrispydoc

    16 minutes

    I bought the Kia outright (from a dealer in Scotland!) and got just a few 100 pounds off it, if you take into consideration the £300 delivery charge to Derbyshire. The MG I am selling to Cazoo who have been very helpful and beat WBAC by about £500 and just seem nicer to deal with. Overall...
  17. Chrispydoc

    16 minutes

    You may remember, when I had mine vaulued by my MG dealer, many, many months ago.....I was rather disappointed with their £17k it todays market, I stand to get nearl £21!! I'm very happy with that.:)
  18. Chrispydoc

    16 minutes

    Thanks for tip have just made me another £400! Over what WBAC offered, and to be honest I didn't like the idea of dealing with them, they have a reputation (with my family members) of "Guzundering" when you get there. :)
  19. Chrispydoc

    Anyone help with this?

    Putting stuff on the seats can make the car think there is an unbelted passenger in there. I agree to what has already been said. ..leave the 3 rear seatbelts perminety plugged in shorten the waiting period when you switch on. (I think)
  20. Chrispydoc

    MG5 LR 1)Low voltage battery maintenance 2)Jacking car with trolley jack sill adapter

    Plenty of generic one on can usually modify them to get a good fit. Used mine yesterday....
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