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  1. okohll

    Guess-o-meter calculations. What is your true range and how much you should trust the car's Algo.

    A slight aside, the other day I tried to get the minimum m/kwh possible, on the motorway, all windows open, heating or sometimes cooling on full, hard acceleration where safe. It ended up as 2.8m/kwh. The most I've seen over a full journey is 4.1 I think, so that's about the range. The reason...
  2. okohll

    The car as a person - or possibly a pet

    Today I feel like the wilful trickster Loki would be appropriate. 9 out of 10 times it charges to 80%, then every now and again, when it thinks it's lulled me into a sense of false security, it ignores the set limit and whacks it up to 100%. From now on, I'm going to have to set the charger to...
  3. okohll

    MG4 or ZS EV (Australia)

    Well as you say it can still be quite fun but at the end of the day it is front wheel drive and a bit higher off the road. Out of interest, I just checked and the bike will fit into the 4 with both back seats put down and the front wheel removed, as long as the front seats aren't too far back...
  4. okohll

    MG4 or ZS EV (Australia)

    I've driven the MG ZS as a hire car (not the most recent model probably) and own the MG4. The main benefit of the 4 for me is that it's nicer to drive handling-wise. However for your case if you want to sometimes transport bulky stuff, I'd suggest the ZS. The boot space in the 4 is tiny, the ZS...
  5. okohll

    AppleGreen Electric

    Me too (except living near Exeter). You have to be careful to check them out though, when you click on them, lots are things like 7kw chargers for guests only of places.
  6. okohll

    Google map distance v cars.

    I don't know how accurate they usually are but if it's only 2%, it doesn't sound like a big issue. There could be various sources of error I guess. The odometer is probably reading from motor/wheel rotations, translations to distance will depend on how pumped up tyres are (I'm assuming massive...
  7. okohll

    Charging battery to full on regular basis or allow it to go down to 5 percent before topping up

    Yes that's basically my philosophy too. Usually I know at least a day in advance if I'm going on a long trip and if not, there's a 150kw charger just round the corner - not had to use it yet though.
  8. okohll

    London to Wales on M4?

    We've just booked a holiday to North Wales, travelling up through South Wales. It should be a great trip. There's a bit of a charger desert in the middle of the country, with what looks like about 1 charger until you get up North! This should be a real test, wish us luck! ABRP says we should...
  9. okohll

    Fogging up?

    I had quite a lot of fogging in the first week or so, only happens a bit now as normal
  10. okohll

    Show us yours

    Well here's the blue at night time, although not a usual shot! I love water drops and as I was putting out the bins tonight, noticed these, so took a snap. About 1/8 second so a bit shaky as well as grainy. Might see what it's like in the light next time it's raining in the day.
  11. okohll

    MG4 Range

    Yes similar. My last trip when I noticed really good range started just after the car finished charging (to 100%), I'm assuming the battery was a bit warm from that.
  12. okohll

    MG4 charging off Zappi

    Apparently reductions are supposed to be greatest in the first year / 10000 miles or so, then flatten for the next few years - from watching various YouTube videos E.g out of spec reviews
  13. okohll

    MG4 - Am I right in thinking this could be the right fit for me?

    It is interesting scrolling around the apps. Here's London, but also everyone says the Netherlands massively into EVs - here you can really see it! That's assuming the Octopus app is up to date for other countries.
  14. okohll

    MG4 - Am I right in thinking this could be the right fit for me?

    I did a trip from Bristol to Swansea (83 miles) using 30% battery the other day, on a long range MG. Although that was good weather, the last time I did a similar trip in the cold it used about 40%, though that was with some hills as well. I get about 10% charge per hour on a 7kw charger (my...
  15. okohll

    Lane Assist Trying To Kill Me!

    For what it's worth, I've just submitted a note to Euro NCAP re their contact form referencing this forum - thanks to useful comments from @northoftheborda, @Rolfe and many others. Unlikely to have much effect on its own I guess, but perhaps if many people...
  16. okohll

    V2L adapter included?

    Yes that's tempting, it'll definitely go on my shopping list for the summer. Does anyone know if you can get an adaptor to go from a home charger output to a 3-pin socket? Not something I've ever seen but it would let you power things outside the house like xmas lights or a hedge trimmer...
  17. okohll

    V2L adapter included?

  18. okohll

    Fan icon

    This must be the most trivial tweak possible, but you never know, others may be interested you can get these stickers: I stuck the fan one on the right steering wheel button that controls the air-con. It just seems right to me to have a descriptive icon on it rather than a generic sign and...
  19. okohll

    Phone not audible

    Ah ok I’ll try that next time, thanks
  20. okohll

    Phone not audible

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