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    ZS EV anti theft measures?

    I have thought about steering wheel locks but probably the time I forget to put it on will be the time someone tries to steal it, so thinking of using an extra start switch and connecting the original to an alarm
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    ZS EV anti theft measures?

    Hello All, Just wondered if anyone has had any experience with theft prevention on the ZS EV? This would be to prevent the remote extender devices that allow thieves access to the car. I know about the remote signal blockers, but want a second line of defence if they get in? I have considered...
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    Yes! There is an App for managing the MG ZS EV

    Just a thought, I believe the reason that MG have not got a European version of the App is because of the restrictions of data getting into Chinese hands? So if MG got involved in the App, wouldn`t that be the same thing of data getting into Chinese hands? Regarding server costs, would it be...
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