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    Headlight Bulb Upgrade

    Can you tell how you align the headlamp bulbs. I thought it was just a case of popping them in, TuneIn the so They are in a fixed position and all is well.
  2. J

    Mk1 v Mk 2 MG 5LR

    Q: is the 51.1 kWh mg5 regarded as the long range????
  3. J

    MG 4 AC Query

    on a slightly different note , does anyone know how to turn the heating off altogether ? I can o slide the vent speed down to 1 but don’t know how to turn it off .
  4. J

    Show us yours

    Looks good in grey and the whale tail is awesome
  5. J

    Show us yours

    Great so far. Bluetooth had a hiccup 2 days of owner but nothing since. Love it that I can keep the car keys in the pocket and open the car, start , drive and shut down the car with just using the door handle button. it’s really the wife’s car and she sorted out her star buttons and toggles the...
  6. J

    MG4 Spotted! : Was it you?

    Went to Tesco Market Deeping around 3pm and as I was leaving in our red tTrophy I saw a grey 4. First one I have seen locally
  7. J

    MG4 vs approved Tesla M3

    Bye bye bowler, enjoy your new megane
  8. J

    Any gossip as to when the 422bhp MG4 is coming to the UK?

    I have been so impressed with the wife’s MG4 and totally converted to EV driving that I am thinking of buying the 422bhp MG4 when it comes out. As of August I will be able to opt out of the company car and get my own and was hoping it wouldn’t be too long after that the 422bhp would be out. I...
  9. J

    Shutting down and locking car

    I don’t know if this is just a feature of the Trophy, which we have but here is what I am doing. I stop the car. Press the P dial. Get out, shut the door and press the door handle button and everything turns off. No need to use the key fob. Same when I want to get into the car, press door...
  10. J

    Should we be worried? 🤔

    We have had ours for a week exactly. My wife knows the shortcuts (star button) like the back off her hand and tells me how she has added two function on the right toggle button. We have not seen an oil leak, there is no bulge yet (only 168 miles and all local). I hope we can get our LKA to stay...
  11. J

    Should we be worried? 🤔

    Halifax, what software version are you on. Our LKA comes in every new trip.
  12. J

    Show us yours

    We are on a PCP plan so don’t know if we can do minor mods or whether it has to remain as is?
  13. J

    Show us yours

    Hi all, So the Other half got her Trophy on the 1st of March this is the first time we have had the opportunity to take a pic. I know there are lots of pics here but hope that admin will approve a thread with mainly pics of everyone’s MG4. Should make it a lot easier for people who are looking...
  14. J

    New small Tesla

    To be honest, I don’t care when and if the new small Tesla comes to the UK. I have been in a couple of Teslas and while they were the ‘wow’ car at the time I sat in them, i am more pleased with our trophy, the physical buttons compared to none in the Tesla. we picked up our wives Trophy on the...
  15. J

    Hmmm interesting…..

    We have had our Trophy for 3 days. The first couple of days it found the car spot on, outside our drive. just now, logging in, it showed the car to be in Paris, although for less than 5 seconds and then it found it outside our house again. so far so good
  16. J

    Accessories Link page from frunks from ireland
  17. J

    Greeting from Germany

    Hallo Johnny, Schicke mal ein paar Bilder. Leider ist der Marvel nicht in England.
  18. J

    What are MG telling Us About Their Delivery/Track Software Update

    Is that the reg number they gave you?
  19. J

    What is your opinion on your MG4 for build quality - Good or Bad

    There are just as many issues on the Cupra born forum as there are here…. And by the sounds of it it relates to the Cupra born AND ID3. As for the Skoda Enyaq,,, if Skoda cannot even fix it for Autotrader guys ….. is it worth risking OUR lives.
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