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    MG Cyberster Concept Going Into Production After Company Hits Crowdfunding Goal

    a good news MG introduced the Cyberster concept at the Shanghai Auto Show and now the company has announced the roadster is going into production after reaching...
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    a new All electric concept coupe will be launched on Mar 31

    0-100kmph less than 3 seconds range over 800kms
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    SAIC ROEWE releases the price of new Ei5

    新款荣威Ei5 指导售价 车型 售价(万元) 500倾心版 13.98 500倾慕版 15.08 500倾城版 15.38 the new Ei has three class, price from 139800 to 153800 rmb(£15434 to 16980), the highest class has L2 automatic pilot. SAIC also provides some bother benifits...
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    SAIC launches MARVEL R, first electric vehicle with 5G connectivity Marvel R is exactly an updated version of Marvel X, with a large battery of 70kwh.
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    Sales volumes of ZS EVs and 5 EVs in China last year
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    MG Marvel X pictures

    Some new pictures
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    [Video] How the batteries of ZS EV are manufactured in SAIC battery factory

    this factory belongs a joint venture of SAIC and CATL, this is the major reason that SAIC can reduce its EVs' price. this video intrcduces how a battery was made in this factory. Click this link 名爵EZS的电池如何造? 探秘上汽时代车家号发现车生活_汽车之家 (
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    2,031 MG cars arrived at Bristol, 2/3 of them were EVs

    good news "The demand for our EV models has been astonishing." MG (part of SAIC) just completed its largest ever car shipment at Portbury Docks, Bristol in the UK, delivering 2,031 cars from China. The brand is on a...
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    Tesla reduces model 3 price in China to CNY 249,900, which equals to £28,638.

    Tesla reduces model 3 price in China to CNY 249,900, which equals to £28,638. Using CATL LFP batteries cuts the costs.
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