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    BMS updates again

    Just had my BMS updated. It was 1125600R15 The BMS version is now 0210622EU1 I have read that the BMS version should be 1230621A01 (the January update) I have also read that the updates are in the following order - 1125600R15, 016600R17, 0603610R28, 1016620R40 (supposedly the bad BMS)...
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    Torque Pro ELM 327 problem

    Got one of the above OBD2 dongles from Amazon as it has very good reviews. Problem is it won't connect to the ECU. Using Car Scanner, app connects to the dongle fine. In settings the preferred protocol is MG ZS EV. Doesn't connect with that protocol so searches all 17 protocols it has and...
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    Do I have the comfort 2 update and correct BMS software ???

    Hi again EVers - My media/nav shows outside temperature. My drivers dash screen shows remaining range. However, my car does not charge from my 7kW charger without the doors being locked. when I plug in teh charger it just says connected but not charging until I lock the doors. Also, When I got...
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    Be careful on tariffs

    Just looked on Smart Home Charge to possibly switch energy provider. Octopus Go were the cheapest. Was quoted 25p/day Standard Charge - 15.59p/kWh peak - 5p/kWh off peak. At these rates it would have cost me £8.48 more than my current cost with Avro Energy at 16p/day Standard Charge -...
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    Remaining range up and down

    Hi, First time on the forum - only had my ZS EV for a couple of weeks. During the two weeks I've had the car I have only done short journeys, usually in Eco mode. Had a weird one of the past couple of days. Yesterday the range was around 75 miles - next time I started it was about 52 miles -...
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