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    Electronic hand brake - completely stuck on !

    Today, our thoughts of a trip out was suddenly brought to an abrupt end, when we could not get the handbrake to release on our ZS EV !. I jumped in and followed the standard start up procedure and all was fine. Then I selected "reverse" and tapped the "GO" pedal, at this point the car wil slowly...
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    MG ZS EV Facelift first impression.

    I just picked up on this on the ZS EV ( Gen 2 ) 72 kwh model, that some may find interesting. Unable to tell if it has rear seating interior lights. The glass does not look tinted to me ?. No apparent sign of a heat pump :( . Nice to see a third rear head rest & arm rest in the rear seat. The...
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    Charging Port Light - Your Thoughts ?.

    I know the lack of this item annoys some of our night time charging members. I also find it difficult to locate the charging cable into the socket, when plugging in on the drive, late at night. The lift up door does not help the situation, because it shields any light trying to enter the...
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    Shell New Motion Charger At Aldi .

    Hi - There is a new Aldi store opened close by, that only opened this week. It has four well marked, dedicated EV bays feed by two Shell New Motion units. 7 kw I would hazard a guess ?. Not much information on how to use them ?. I have scanned the QR code on the side and it comes up with the...
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    ( Most Dealers ) Know Nothing About Electric Cars !.

    I think this is a brilliant video that makes a very honest opinion, on people who are employed as EV sales people. This is posted by an independent sales person in trade !.
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    Another fair review that somebody who maybe considering a ZS EV may find interesting.

    Hi folks - This review has just popped up on You Tube.
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    MG ZS EV Battery Efficiency & Range - 8 Month Update.

    This may make interesting reading for some members ?.
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    Rolec Wall Box Front Cover Attachments Post Broken.

    Just spotted this item and though it maybe useful for anybody who has a problem regarding the above issue. I do remember a member having a problem and was looking for a budget repair for his unit. Sorry, but I searched for the post but I am unable to locate it. I have recently rebuilt my Rolec...
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    GridServe & Ecotricity Are Merging ?.

    Has anybody seen this video just posted !.
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    Very Brief Red HV Warning In Info Panel ?.

    Today, we made our weekly trip to the super market. We left home with approx 115 miles of range displayed on the GOM. After only covering about 6 miles and on a decline section of dual carriageway, the car sounded a "Bong" and there was a very brief warning displayed in the large info screen of...
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    Dumb Wall Box Units - 32 Amp 7.00 Kw Compared To 16 Amp 3.60 Kw Unit's ?.

    Hi - Can anybody explain what is the different between a wall box when it is sold as rated at either 7.0kw or 3.6kw unit. Of course, I understand that the 7.0Kw unit can supply double the speed of the 3.6Kw unit, if the car can accept the higher load of course. But my question is this :- What...
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