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  1. pharrison84

    Improving interior lighting in MG4

    You're probably right with this Les. We're going to leave it now we're in the spring months anyway and revisit it come the Autumn. Whereabouts in Wigan are you? We're Standish.
  2. pharrison84

    MG4 Touch up paint

    Going picking up the dynamic red kit from these later. Darwen based about 20 minutes from me. I've never tried touching up car bodywork before so this will be a first. Any tips from anyone? Other than the cocktail stick mentioned above. Chip isn't tiny so I expect I'll need to use the brush 😩
  3. pharrison84

    MG4 Range

    If you're travelling on the M62 at rush hour every day, you've surely not got much to worry about speed-wise!
  4. pharrison84

    Trophy Lot at reduced price £30 000, available for delivery !!! Cancelled orders bouncing back to market

    They came through for us. Paid about a grand more. Ordered end Feb and received end March. Red Trophy at £31.5k. Good part ex price that was honoured on collection. Free official mats and both type 2 and granny cables included. The entertainment software is only r30, not r33, but we've had no...
  5. pharrison84

    Charging from a granny lead, dangers?🔥🤔

    I'm assuming it's not a straight forward install? Had an electrician friend install mine on the outside of a new build about 2 metres (if that) from the circuit breaker box and it only took him about 90 minutes with £30 worth of components.
  6. pharrison84

    Charging from a granny lead, dangers?🔥🤔

    Fair play to anyone even considering an EV purchase without the ability to charge conveniently at home. There's no chance I'd have gone for one if I had to rely purely on the public charging network (even a Tesla with the supercharger network). I'd have gone for a cheaper ICE with reasonable...
  7. pharrison84

    Faults on 23 plate MG4

    Yep. This definitely sounds like what happened. That's reassuring (although is hopefully fixed) 👍
  8. pharrison84

    Faults on 23 plate MG4

    I think my wife may have got the SOS error yesterday. I wasn't in the car. How exactly does it manifest? She struggled to explain it, I think mainly because it was a shortlived message and she was driving at the time.
  9. pharrison84

    Improving interior lighting in MG4

    Yep, they're the ones I was eyeing up last night.
  10. pharrison84

    Best (value) way to treat small paint chip

    We've spotted one on ours today 2 weeks in to ownership above the nearside headlamp! :( Trying to decide where best to order repair kit from.
  11. pharrison84

    MG4 Spotted! : Was it you?

    My wife loudly exclaimed as we saw a white Trophy pull out of a junction near the pub beer garden we were sitting in closeby to Darwen, Lancashire on Sunday afternoon. The locals thought she'd seen a celebrity and I think were a bit disappointed when it was just a small electric hatchback. I...
  12. pharrison84

    Windscreen wipers

    No issues with either wipers or the washers on our relatively new Trophy. Forgot to test them when car was delivered too so I feared the worst when I first needed to use them!
  13. pharrison84

    USB A USB B Not Connected

    My wife reported this happened to her yesterday with her phone (Oppo Find X3 Neo), but we've had no such issues with pretty extensive use of my phone (Pixel 7 Pro). I suspect it's more likely to be phone / cable issues than the car. I've cleaned out her usb port using some pressurized air to...
  14. pharrison84

    Improving interior lighting in MG4

    Managed to change the bulbs easily enough yesterday afternoon. However, I think for me they're a bit too bright and cold. And my wife hates them! We're both used to warm halogens in our old cars. I do see the benefit of having some extra light in the cabin though. I'm likely to order some...
  15. pharrison84

    MG4 Luxury - free wifi?

    We've used this a few times already to save on mobile data on the Trophy whilst using Android auto. I just wish you could set the hotspot to default on. It'll be another cost cutting measure from MG. Presumably there would be considerably more spend on mobile data if it did automatically come...
  16. pharrison84

    Inefficient charging cable

    I don't think I'm the only one to see in excess of 135kw. This was last week in Scotland. Admittedly the battery would have been toasty warm after a long drive, and charge started from something around 25% full.
  17. pharrison84

    MG4 Trophy Range Test

    Average speed is displayed in the screenshot at 45mph. If that's motorway driving, there was a decent amount of congestion / traffic. No chance of getting that sort of economy on a clear motorway run.
  18. pharrison84

    Charging speed

    This was mine peaking at over 140kw/h at over 50% charge last week (Trophy). By the time it got to 70-75% charge, if I remember rightly, the rate had dropped by about a half.
  19. pharrison84

    Rollercoaster road to new MG4

    Only issue with this is the Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations that came in to force last year which mean electricians can only officially install expensive smart chargers now. I was fortunate to have an electrician friend who would fit a 'dumb' charger, but many will not have...
  20. pharrison84

    R33 update. What does it improve?

    No, as far as I know you do not. There only seem to be logos for the odd relatively obscure channel I believe.
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