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  1. Elec Car Aust

    what's the lowest % battery you've gone to on a trip ?

    Down to zero with the SOC indicator blinking then disappearing. Done specifically for a range test video for my EV YT Channel but was nerve racking 🔋🇦🇺👍
  2. Elec Car Aust

    MG ZS Steering Fault - clicking when turning

    Hi Big, lots of different reasons for this. Search the various threads and tick off each solution until you find the one which fixes your car. Mine was failed uni joint. Video here:
  3. Elec Car Aust


    Great idea. If you haven't already I suggest putting a similar Note in the Facebook/social media pages here in Brissie.
  4. Elec Car Aust

    Byd Atto 3

    The Australian launch was a bit wobbly. The local distributer tripped over themselves with regards to warranty and service schedules but everyone appears happy with the cars. I have a couple interviews with owners on my channel - PS: I'm a Gen 1 ZS EV owner :)
  5. Elec Car Aust

    Passenger Footwell Thingie

    Lol, MG don't waste any money of making things neat or covering them up. 🤣🤣🤣. I put some courtesy lights in the foot wells (video coming on that) and amazing what I found under there. 👍
  6. Elec Car Aust

    MG4 or Tesla Model 3

    Wow that's a good deal for Tesla M3. Here in Aust MG4 pricing just announced, around A$48k, and dealers have started taking orders. 2nd hand STANDARD range+ M3 are still around A$55k here so personally I would be going for M3 LR in your neck of the woods if it suits your needs. Plus the...
  7. Elec Car Aust

    Latest MG Cyberster spy shots

    They did! Was great to see it in the flesh 👍
  8. Elec Car Aust

    My ZS is slowly falling apart...

    Agree. Great value for money after 2.5 yrs of ownership. 👍
  9. Elec Car Aust

    Headlamps have moisture absorbing bags within them...

    Yes, bags are part of production/ shipping to Customers and I'm told by MG stay in headlamps for life of car. I'm happily leaving mine in. 👍🔋☀️
  10. Elec Car Aust

    Thinking of buying a MG ZS EV 2020/2021

    We've had the first gen ZS EV for over 2 years now and generally happy with it. I have some videos on my EV YouTube channel on the car so they might help. I also cover the 1 problem we have had with the steering. Congrats on going EV. 👍⚡🔋☀️
  11. Elec Car Aust

    Latest MG Cyberster spy shots

    Would be great if we see this in Australia like the article mentioned.
  12. Elec Car Aust

    Has anyone tinted the sunroof?

    No, Tinting shop recommended against it an in fact wont do it due to risk of damage to the sunroof, apparently different glass make-up. Mention it in my video here:
  13. Elec Car Aust

    MG ZS EV Front Camera Disable

    Yes, common occurrence. All the suggestions on other comments work. 👍
  14. Elec Car Aust

    Sitting in car whilst charging

    Good question and sorry cant answer that one. We don't have the MG 5 in Australia unfortunately.
  15. Elec Car Aust

    MG4 Dead !!

    Buy a 12 volt lithium jump starter for just these occasions when the 12 volt is dead.
  16. Elec Car Aust

    MG4 Dead !!

    Yes same as petrol car. EV needs to be 'in' to charge 12 volt.
  17. Elec Car Aust

    Sitting in car whilst charging

    Depends on the EV but generally lock the car, plug in, start charging. Unlock and jump into car, car often stops charging for 10-15 seconds but will restart, then do whatever you need to do. If using accessories heater etc, just make sure you have the car 'on' so you don't flatten the 12 volt...
  18. Elec Car Aust

    How to see kWh charge level?

    My Granny charger shows this info on the screen. These were the chargers MG supplied with the first ZS EV's to arrive into Australia.
  19. Elec Car Aust

    Dented pride!

    Global problem unfortunately! If unlikely enough to hit one and do damage just need to claim from the local council. 😀
  20. Elec Car Aust

    MG ZS EV Battery heating always on??

    Battery preheating is used to increase charge rate at DC rapid chargers therefore reducing the time required to charge. It does reduce range so if you don't need to use it don't.
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