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    Original MG5 Long Range 1 Year Update with Costs

    Apologies, I have no idea as it's leased 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Original MG5 Long Range 1 Year Update with Costs

    It's booked in for a "first service" next week which is apparently a 30 minute check over 👍
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    Original MG5 Long Range 1 Year Update with Costs

    Hi all, not been here for a while but wanted to give a quick one year update for anyone who may find it interesting. Home Charging £297.91 Away Charging £50.13 Total Cost £348.04 Total Miles 12610 Cost Per Mile £0.0276 ppm 60% slow town and short dual carriageway up to 50mph...
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    MG5 LR Pre-Facelift 6 month update

    Hi all, haven't posted for a while but thought I'd share my 6 month update. Firstly I log everything so below is my costs split by business/personal mileage which are outstanding (I'd put £80 in for 400 miles in my last vehicle). Business Miles 4,792 Cost of Business Miles £134.46...
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    The Ultimate MG5 "Real World" Energy Consumption Thread

    July for me... Total charging cost £53.51 Quite a few motorway trips at 70 in there too.
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    Octopus Prices Rise Again

    Yeah, maybe your DNO has less overheads than mine or something, so their portion on top is smaller. Who knows? 🤔😂
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    Octopus Prices Rise Again

    I totally feel for you, I was gutted when I went from 12p to the tracker rate through the demise of Avro Energy but glad we ended up with Octopus they've been great 🙂
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    Octopus Prices Rise Again

    Go faster 4h is the same price but Go faster 5h is more expensive off peak.
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    Octopus Prices Rise Again

    Hi all, switched to Go when my car arrived a few weeks ago. Have been waiting for my first bill to arrive so I could switch to Go Faster, as I specifically wanted it to start at 09:30 to maximise the savings and offset the higher daily rate. Unfortunately in that time the prices have risen, so...
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    Running the house from the car

    I don't think it will be long before V2H EVSE's come along but the above is a great solution in the meantime 🙂
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    The Ultimate MG5 "Real World" Energy Consumption Thread

    🤣 You made a lot of assumptions there based on one small statement! Perhaps he meant if a lorry catches him up he will slow down for them to overtake? Lots of foreign lorries and sometimes the Irish lorries overtake me when I'm doing 60, especially down some of the bigger hills. I tend to slow...
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    Satnav issue not solved by dealer

    The dead reckoning issue was more for the MG ZS I believe (although happy to be corrected) so it may be you're confusing the two as the settings are different. Have you had a read of the separate Infotainment manual posted on this forum?
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    That's great but this is the MG5 forum 😂
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    OVO Drive Anytime 5p KWh

    Incorrect, they now support various chargers too and are adding more all the time 🙂
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    7 Year Warranty T&Cs

    Wouldn't trust the dealer then, as mine came with a handbook in a MG case. It's tiny, and easier to read on the computer, but all the same it was supplied.
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    Auto lights - fix?

    Mine don't come on automatically unless it's really dark so mine must be set at 4 already!
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    Best and cheapest EV energy suppliers - June 2022

    Can you login to your online dashboard? Octopus shows me accurate half hour slots for usage. As a basic rule of thumb, if you charge more than 6 hours per week, and use less than 12kWh a day in normal electric usage, you'll benefit from switching to Octopus Go. Even more if you schedule your...
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    Best and cheapest EV energy suppliers - June 2022

    I tried to switch last week but the lady on the phone said I had to have one bill on Octopus Go before I could switch to Go Faster. My bill is due in a few days so will update...
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    The Ultimate MG5 "Real World" Energy Consumption Thread

    Glad to be able to finally join this thread 😂 This is for the last 11 days I've had the vehicle, having covered 698 miles - really enjoyed it! I've been very fortunate that my usage pattern over these 11 days has meant that I've managed to keep my charging solely in the cheap period of...
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    Low Back Pain with New MG5

    Unfortunately it's one of those things where everyone will have their seat slightly different. I'd persevere for another week but try a different position each day and see if you can tweak it from there 😊
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