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  1. MAS

    ZS EV - Few questions from the newbie

    Hi, I have got my MG ZS EV for few days and driven around 50 miles. I have noticed red seat belt light came on randomly ( please see attached picture) , while front 2 seats occupied and seat belt plugged in. No passenger at the rear seats and no seatbelt plugged in. Please also confirm what...
  2. MAS

    MG ZS EV - No horn or sound when left key inside

    Hi, I have got my MG ZS EV today, I have left the key inside to see if it will sound the horn but it did not. Please can someone advise, if there is any setting issue? I was told that all software is uptodate, I can see the temperature and range on the screen.
  3. MAS

    Type 2 Charging Cable

    Hi, appreciate if someone can have a look at the specifications of Type 2 Charging cable (Pictures attached) , if it is suitable for MG ZS EV?
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