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    Indicators in the wing mirrors

    Does the MG5 Excite have indicators in the wing mirrors? I drove an exclusive on the test drive and really liked seeing the edge of the indicators. I can't tell from photos and videos if the Excite has them. And why doesn't the Excite have heated wing mirrors? Very small niggle but it will...
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    Why are authorisation rates so high at rapid chargers?

    While waiting for my new MG5 I have been reading through the wealth of information on this site. One thing I have read a number of times is about high authorisation rates placed on credit/debit cards when using rapid chargers. Why are they so high? When I top up with petrol Tesco/Asda/another...
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    How long did you wait?

    How long did you wait for delivery of your new MG5? Placed an order on Saturday. Got a long 2 months to wait. Hoping it will turn up a little sooner.
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