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    Smart Charger Dumb Car

    I don't want to hijack this thread but I have a related question. I have a ZS EV and a SyncEV charge point. When I schedule charging with the SyncEV, I have the option of 'pulse charging' or 'charging at minimum power' (1.5kW). If I use pulse charging, the car does not start charging at the...
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    Holdcroft Cheshire Oaks - MG Dealer Discussion, Opinions & Experiences

    Does anyone have any experience of Holdcroft Cheshire Oaks? I've been trying to book my ZS EV in for a service Over a couple of days I've called and either been put through to sales or 'the guys are busy at the moment'. The last time I called, a sales guy took my name and number for a call...
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    Range and things!!

    I have same question as OP regarding range. I've bought an 11 month old ZS EV with 1000 miles on. I've done around 250 miles and averaged 3.5 m/kWh. Will a BMS update increase the voltage when full from 449 to 456 and therefore increase range? We have a 270 mile each way journey coming up so...
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    Servicing schedule

    Thanks very much for this. Just what I needed to know.
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    Servicing schedule

    I have the same question as the OP. I'd assumed that dealerships etc have just not caught up with EV technology and will, as standard, state an annual service as a minimum. Agree that the screenshot just lists consumables/hardware for each service. If an annual 'service' is required - even if...
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    Global tint

    Whilst I understand that the ZS comes with no tint on the front windows, does that imply that they let through 100% of light? Even with no tint, if they block a small amount of light then a 70% tint would technically be illegal. Does Global Tint measure the light transmission either before or...
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    Which type 2 cable ?

    I recently bought this one from Screwfix and it does the job - easy to coil back up too. I recognise Masterplug as a brand and it's IP55 rated. Masterplug 32A 7kW Mode 3 Type 2 Plug EV Charging Cable 5m
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