1. G

    Reminder that the LKA can be dangerous.

    Took this from the Norwegian forum. The guy was driving down a country road before the LKA kicked in and drove the car to the left and out of the road. The car was wrecked and the guy sent to the hospital. I don't know if MG officials are browsing this forum, but they are definitely not browsing...
  2. D

    Rapid Charger connects but fails to charge. It communicates to the extent that it can report the MG5 SOC but disconnects before charging. Seen this ?

    When connected to Rapid Chargers I frequently find that the charger can communicate with the MG5 to the extent that it can report the EV's State Of Charge but disconnects before providing any charging power. I have now experienced this with a number of charge suppliers where the customer...
  3. Stuart Wright

    Does anyone have any video of the Cyberster in the UK that you can share, please?

    I'd like to get some video of the Cyberster in the UK. Does anyone have any video? From Goodwood, for example? If so, could you upload it somewhere like YouTube, Dropbox or Google Drive so I can download it please? I'd like to show it in our next podcast. Thanks
  4. Lee Morris

    How long can I leave my Trophy charged at 100%?

    I'm due to travel from Yorkshire to Forres, near Inverness, tomorrow but I don't have the ability to charge the car overnight. Would I be okay charging the car today and leaving it at 100% overnight or could that damage the battery? Thank you
  5. evbull

    Can you play YouTube video on central screen directly or via phone in MG4 trophy?

    Hi all, I know this is a long shot. Is it possible to play YouTube video in central screen of MG4 trophy? This could be directly or via Android phone. Has anyone tried or possible? I guess only while stationery like Tesla. Thanks
  6. M

    Extension cable for a granny charger

    Can I safely use an extension cable with a granny cable on an MG ZS EV?
  7. A

    Can I use 150kw (CCS) Rapid Charger?

    In my 1yr of ownership I have yet not had a reason to charge my car on any Motorway Service stop. I have a couple of long journeys ahead now. Can I use the ultra Rapid 150kw charger for my MG ZS EV Long Range (2022)? or am I restricted to the 50kw/60kw connectors? Any advice or tips on things...
  8. highsider

    Phase 1 or Phase 2 - How can I tell?

    I ordered and received my Trophy in June. A newbie question, but how can I tell it is a Phase 1 or Phase 2 car?
  9. SteveRW

    Can I switch off those annoying start up chimes?

    On starting always get the alert telling me I’ve switched off lane assist. Yes, I know, I switched it off! Is there a way to stop this?
  10. NewtoEV

    First long distance journey coming up - a few questions if anyone can help?

    I've had my Trophy for a couple of months but haven't done any decent distance journeys yet (just local commute stuff). Got an overnight drive coming up (300 plus miles). I've a couple of concerns / questions. 1) I'll need to charge en route but I've not used any public charger to date (only...
  11. val33

    Anyone can purchase on the Affinity Scheme

    I really feel that a forum like this should be publicising just how easy it is to qualify for the Affinity scheme and just how big the savings can be when buying a new car. You do NOT need to be an NHS worker etc to qualify. The easiest and cheapest way is to be a member of (or join) either the...
  12. Rolfe

    Trophy owners - can you disable automatic door locking at 10 mph?

    What the thread title says. Do you have some way to stop all your doors automatically locking when your speed goes over 10 mph? And if so, how do you do it? This was discussed somewhere on another thread, and I think Trophy owners said they could do it, but if that's the case I don't think...
  13. Adewobblefoot

    For Sale MG ZS EV Granny charger for sale £85. I live in Birmingham postage at your cost or you can collect.

    MG ZS EV Granny charger for sale £85. I live in Birmingham postage at your cost or you can collect.
  14. B

    can i fit different wheels to my 2020 zs ev

    HI, i was just wondering if you can fit different wheels to my 2020 zs ev, i know i have to keep the ratio the same but are there any other styles as an opption.
  15. D

    How to reset infotainment screen

    Radio stopped playing. I can select stations but nothing from speakers. Navigation audio ok. How do i reset infotainment screen?
  16. Rolfe

    Can the car be locked using the app while it's charging?

    I did a rather silly thing last week. I got to the multi-storey car park near the theatre, and connected the car up to one of the type 2 chargers there. I reached into the back seat for handbag and stuff, closed the rear passenger door, and forgot to press the door button on the driver's door...
  17. D

    Can you set a different brightness for Dark Theme (Night) and light theme (Day)

    Hi, just bought a ZS EV, I am finding the Dark Screen to bright, so if I set the brightness to min (which is still too bright (IMO) then its too dim for Day driving, surly it should remember each brightness so you can have 2 settings. Am I missing something?
  18. grekiki

    Mg4 architecture

    I'm wondering if anyone has information on what protocol the MG4 is using for the communication between the camera and the rest of the car(CAN/CAN-FD something "worse")
  19. D

    CAN traffic via OBD2 sets off alarm?

    I know some other people have had this on various recent MG's with OBD2 scanning dongles. It appears (any?) attempt to poll the CAN bus when the veichle is locked sets of the alarm, has anyone been able to pull any data from any MG other than the MK1 ZS when locked without this happening, if so...
  20. J

    MG 4 - can you use the phone hands free

    Hi all, I have an MG 4 Trophy LR and have a question regarding using the phone when connected via Bluetooth. Is there a way to search through your contacts on the infotainment screen without having to physically do it on the infotainment screen which I think is very distracting whilst driving...
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