A charging station, also called an EV charger or electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), is a piece of equipment that supplies electrical power for charging plug-in electric vehicles (including hybrids, neighborhood electric vehicles, trucks, buses, and others).
Although batteries can only be charged with DC power, most electric vehicles have an onboard AC-to-DC converter that allows them to be plugged into a standard household AC electrical receptacle. Inexpensive low-power public charging stations will also provide AC power, known as "AC charging stations". To facilitate higher power charging, which requires much larger AC-to-DC converters, the converter is built into the charging station instead of the vehicle, and the station supplies already-converted DC power directly to the vehicle, bypassing the vehicle's onboard converter. These are known as "DC charging stations". Most fully electric car models can accept both AC and DC power.
Charging stations provide connectors that conform to a variety of standards. DC charging stations are commonly equipped with multiple connectors to be able to supply a wide variety of vehicles.
Public charging stations are typically found street-side or at retail shopping centers, government facilities, and other parking areas.

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  1. D

    “Fast Charging” - at 3.6kW or less

    I posted recently querying whether Type 2 cables were redundant. Well, I thought I would christen mine yesterday, at a National Trust site. The initial reading was at 3.4kW, rising soon after to 3.6kW. When I returned to the car 2+ hours later the charge rate was 1.4kW. I had a look at cars...
  2. W

    First long run in my Trophy LR

    Painless experience.... Set off from home in Buckingham with 99%. I couldn't find any charges near where I was working or the hotel I was staying in, so planned to stop for a zap & dash at the Shell recharge at Tothill services (about 50miles from home) so should have enough battery to commute...
  3. J

    Close to zero?

    How close to zero per cent should i risk going away from my home charger with my MG4 LR? Also, would I need to pre-register with Tesla/download their app to use their chargers?
  4. Gem2support

    MH HS PHEV - Charging Pin Issue!

    My 2 year old PHEV wont allow charge cable to connect what i believe is a pin issue. Basically you cannot insert cable all the way in to the car charging point on car is it seems like one of the pins (maybe a locking pin) is stopping it from inserting all the way. Can someone point me in the...
  5. mrg9999

    Tesla Hub charging - previously had problems, today worked perfectly

    MG ZS EV Trophy Connect 2022 purchased 2023. Tesla Hub charging After varying success using Tesla chargers I tried again today and it worked faultlessly from 40% to 75%
  6. G

    Anyone had issues with car only charges to 100%?

    The dealership updated my friend's MG4, and now it only charges to 100%. 80% is preset in both csr and app. No luck.
  7. jeanloup

    Slow vs "Fast" charging confusion

    Hi folks, I'm trying to understand the differences between all types of chargers and on the surface it seems the main difference is how fast electrons flow into the battery. Thus slow (7KWh) < fast (22KWh) < rapid (50KWh). However, when I connect to a slow charger at work (at least back when...
  8. Les burrows


    Here what I was trying to do above but obviously got it wrong Tesla Supercharger MG5 It appears there is a lot of confusion about the ability for the MG5 LR to have an update installed to enable the vehicle to be charged on open to all Tesla superchargers so I thought it might be good to to...
  9. L

    Wireless phone charger

    Hi all, Anyone else had issues getting the wireless charger to work? It comes on and the goes off again with a message asking to check objects on charger pad or something. Tried it without a case as well. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks
  10. D

    Maximum DC charging power for the Standard Range (LFP) battery

    Hello folks, As far as I know the MG4 SR model should be able to handle 117 kW of charging power. However I almost never exceed 60-70 kW even when charging on 150 / 300 kW charging stations or Tesla superchargers What is your experience and maximum charging power on your MG4? Thanks!
  11. L

    Charge app

    Evening all, I get my ev on Tuesdays and just wondering what the favourable apps are that you all use. Thanks in advance.
  12. T

    Which at home charger?

    I am currently on Octopus Agile and looking at moving to Intelligent go in the winter but wondered which charger works the best with the ZS EV Long range & the intelligent tarrif? I don't have any charger yet so open to any suggestions
  13. A

    Soh after 20k miles

    For anybody who worries about battery degradation I don't think there is any need.🙂 Mostly home charged with the occasional rapid when needed.
  14. A

    Warped Charging Cover

    Has anyone had this issue with the charging flap. It has started to stick out in the top corner. Raised it with the garage and they are supposedly contacting MG for a claim but said it would be ‘unlikely’!
  15. C

    New owner with charging issue

    Hi everyone. We just collected our MG4 Trophy LR yesterday and really impressed so far... However I'm having an issue with charging. I already have an Ohme Home Pro which I use to charge my Polestar 2 and I just cannot get it to charge the MG at all. I've read a number of posts on here and...
  16. Loveclose

    Non-Tesla EV Charging

    Hello again to everyone! I'm researching charging points for a trip to Harrogate next week. There's a Tesla charging station at Banbury which could come in useful, particularly on the return journey. An internet thread states that this Banbury charging station is one of the fifteen open to all...
  17. Keith Harris

    I bloody love Octopus

    My last 3 charging sessions with intelligent Octopus, what do we think guys
  18. I

    Mg4 Rapid charging

    Well, got my car back from the dealer on Saturday after a 5 week repair! Actually came back earlier than anticipated by them. As the car was collected fully charged was unable to verify the repair had worked at the time. Roll on 5 days and….. NO, it’s just as before.. tried 3 different rapid...
  19. J

    Rapid charging fails

    Travelling from UK to Germany several high voltage chargers in Belgium failed to connect to my MG4 Long Range. The local MG garage found a fault in the rapid charge part of the battery and are "talking to MG about repair". MG have now taken a week to decide what to do and whether or not this can...
  20. Manu99

    Charging Phev battery

    I have had a my MG HS +EV(phew) for five weeks now. I drive it mainly on battery. Is there a maximum that I should be charging the battery to? Is there a minimum I should let the battery go down to before I charge? Is it ok if I charge several times a day? Thanks John
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