1. andyr0id

    Home charging -- am I being ripped off?

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice about my charging situation at home. I live in a block of flats and there are EV chargers in the garage, provided by the building. They operate with a token system. One token gives you 1 hour of charging. A bag of 20 tokens cost us £66 including VAT, so £3.30 per...
  2. F

    MG4 & Ohme Home Pro Charging Rate?

    Hi all, I just wanted to see what KW other MG4 owners were getting with their OHME Home Pro (OHP) I had the OHP 8m tethered installed with this configuration: 6mm Doncaster EV cable ~ 10m from the box. 100A into the house, 80A RCD Type A with a 80A Type C MCB. Set at 32A max, with Load...
  3. Babylon

    Octopus or Ovo EV charging

    I know there are a lot of threads about tariffs but i'm so confused🤯. Currently a Bulb customer but as they have been taken over by Octopus I have to switch to them for the EV Tariff. However from what I have read and if my understanding is correct. Octopus will give me a cheaper rate for 6...
  4. D

    Reduced charging current and remote charging via app

    Hi, I've just had some solar panels and battery fitted and no zappi..... yet. I was hoping to remote start and stop the MG4 charge using the app. When I do this the car charges at maximum current. If I sit in the car and choose a reduced current and start the charge from the car, it charges...
  5. D

    Charging battery to full on regular basis or allow it to go down to 5 percent before topping up

    Hi, I am new to the EV driving and charging. Will be collecting my MG4 Long Range next week. I got a home charger fitted and waiting for the car. I have a rather long commute to work about 120 mile both ways, on average 3m per kWh I expect about 40 kWh consumption each day. Should I plug in...
  6. wandle MG4 trophy

    Clocks go forward - check charging schedules

    I’m on Octopus Go for cheap electricity between 0030 and 0430. Octopus manages the change to and from BST automatically. So no need to do anything unless you use timers to switch on appliances during the cheap rate. I was surprised to see that my Easee One EV charger changed my charging period...
  7. O

    iSmart messed up home charging

    Hi I’ve had my MG4 two weeks but only just got iSmart app working as head unit was not activated. Unfortunately, I’ve tried home charging tonight which has been fine in the past but has become very buggy. If I’m logged into the App the charging seems to stop after a few minutes and requesting...
  8. T

    MG4 scheduled charging with Easee one

    I finally received my MG4 this week and i've been really enjoying the car so far but i'm having a few problem with the scheduled charging from my Easee one home charger. I have set the scheduled charging in the car to between 2:30 and 5:30am which is inside the off peak tariff with my electric...
  9. FiferMG4

    Public Charging session ended - Autohold & Low-voltage Battery faults showing

    I decided to try a couple of public chargers this morning, the first being a fast charger where I used my type 2 cable. It may have been my fault for not pulling out the cables in the right order or not pressing something on the infotainment screen, but I took the connector out of the car first...
  10. N

    Help car not charging (either cable)

    Hi All, came here in desperate hope for anything I can do. I have had my car for 18months and have done just over 15k miles. Last night the car didn't charge -originally blamed the update pushed out to home charger. It didnt start charge via schedule nor when I pressed boost. I unplugged and...
  11. Muffin

    Charging stations working or not

    Is there a app that tells you in advance if the charging stations are working. . Or is it pot luck
  12. P


    where do MG zs ev oners buy their energy i am with OVO energy they recommend Idra smart pro charger got it now they tell me they cant give me a cheap tariff because they dont support MG ev cars, does any one which energy companies do support MG cars thanks JA
  13. Y

    Charging issues using Free Chargers

    Hi I'm new to the Forum as I've just noticed an issue and am hoping for some advice as to how this can be fixed - Apologies if this has already been discussed! For Info I drive a 22 Plate MG HS PHEV I've noticed that when using Free Electric Chargers (my new employers have two installed) Once...
  14. F

    Charging stations

    I have home charger for my MG zs long-range trouphy connect , the other day was away and wanted a top up charge but the machine would not charge to more than 80% is this standard? If so not good when on a holiday.
  15. Buster

    iSmart App charging

    Hi All, Ive had my MG5 standard range 50kW just over a month now. I installed an 11kW 3ph charger at home and only charge overnight on cheap rate. We've only done just over 1,000kms The first time I used the scheduled charging feature there was an option to choose a finish time or battery %. As...
  16. dundee1961


    Collected My ZS EV Trophy Connect 9 days ago . I have managed to charge it once. But now not charging at all, i have tried 2 Rapids , 7kw charger and Granny Charger at home ?? Has anyone else had this ? and if so what was the issues ?? And how long did it take ?? Help what can i do waiting on...
  17. Peterch

    calculating charging rate

    I am sure I have read this on here but cant find it. How do I calculate the rate that my car is charging? I am sure it looks at the battery size and voltage but cant recall how to calculate. Mine is a pre facelift long range?
  18. evcog

    Good news - New Charging Points Increase at pace in rural Somerset

    Over the last few years I have been checking the availability of EV chargers near to me as I live in a flat and am unable to have my own wall charger. before covid, when I started looking at purchasing an MG EV there were only 2 locations with 7kw chargers and 1 22kw within a 2 mile radius of...
  19. MG4London

    Tesco charging

    So can you charge for free at Tesco? What is required?
  20. Les burrows

    Charging on most networks very informative

    Interesting video on charging cost network via network will be helpful to many I’m sure Led
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