The MG5 EV estate electric car
The MG5 EV estate electric car is a Roewe Ei5 rebranded for the UK.

The Roewe Ei5 is the electric station wagon version of the Roewe i5. Debuting during the 2017 Guangzhou Auto Show, the Chinese version is powered by a single electric motor producing 116 hp. It claims a range of 300 kilometers and a 145 km/h top speed.

The Ei5 was launched in the UK rebranded as the MG 5 EV in September 2020, with a more powerful, 154-hp electric motor and a 115 mph (185 km/h) top speed. With a 52.2-kWh battery, the vehicle has a range of 214 miles (344 km) in the WLTP cycle.

The Roewe Ei5 was launched in Thailand rebranded as the MG EP on 26 November 2020 with a more powerful, 163-hp electric motor and 260 nm. of Torque.
  1. M

    Low battery

    Hi all Got the dreaded low battery yesterday. Not anything to do with the car but the key fob. Has anyone changed the battery in the actual key itself if so what battery was it and did you do it yourself. TIA Mick
  2. CuriousIslander

    A Simple Question......

    I have a 21 plate pre facelift MG5 Excite. Does anyone know whether it supports scheduled charging as I am contemplating looking for a cheap overnight tariff....... My dealer doesn't seem to know (there's a surprise!!!!) Thanks
  3. F

    Face Lift 2023 spare wheel options

    Hi there, my brother has just taken delivery of a 2023 MG5 LR and needs a space saver spare kit. This car has 17" alloys, will the 16" MG space saver work? I'm not toally sure how to check this thanks
  4. EVsince2016

    MG5 plug & auto charge

    I thought I'd share some information that I have learnt about auto-charge. Auto-charge is where you just plug in your car and the car communicates with the charger and charges with no other actions required. Most are probably aware that Tesla uses auto-charging as standard for their charging...
  5. K

    Facelift or not

    I've been reading this forum for a while and sorted lots of things out from it. But how do i know if i have a 'facelift' model or not?
  6. Les burrows

    Strong competition for the MG 5 EV in everything Price.

    The latest estate with more on the way according to PED. Les
  7. R

    MG5 - rear screen washer routing

    After the cold snap it appears the hose for the rear screen washer has disconnected somewhere within the vehicle, from the sound of it, possibly behind the dashboard. Before I start making things worse does anybody have a link to a routing diagram or similar to give me some idea of where to...
  8. H

    How to disable the alarm?

    Hello, does anybody know how to disable the alarm om the MG5? In a few days I will be traveling with ferry and they want the alarms to be disabled during the journey. I have tried to read in the manual but as far as I can see it's not stated how to disable. It have not been a issue before, but...
  9. tonybridge

    EV plonker hogging ICE stations

    Us EV drivers complain a lot (rightly) about ICEs parking on an EV charger bay - today I saw the other side of the coin when an EV driver nonchalantly parked his car (an MG5) at a petrol pump before going to grab a coffee at Greggs. Plenty of off-pump parking bays available. What an idiot! I...
  10. M

    Head up display

    Could someone know, that's head up display working correctly used OBD2 in the MG5 ev 2022 ?
  11. C

    Best range/efficiency with heating in the winter

    I've seen a few posts with an efficiency of around 4m/kw for the pre-facelift MG5. I assume these numbers are achieved at relatively low speed and without heating. What is the best efficiency you're seeing with heating on the motorway in winter and what heating settings are you using to...
  12. Paul Mason

    DAB +

    I usually listen to Classic FM in the car, but recently they have been reporting that they are changing over to DAB + from January. Can our cars receive this? DAB+ has been around since 2016 so would have thought so.
  13. Tara Jane

    How do you know when a new software update is available?

    I called up my MG dealership about a glitch I have had from day 1! ( my MG EV4 has less than 800miles on it) the glitch is my iPhone won’t connect to the apple car play ( brand new iPhone 15 max with original cable) Anyway, the lady on the phone said, OH! Did you know there are THREE upgrades...
  14. Coady

    Charging Flap Locked

    Went to charge last week with home charger. Flap would not unlock. Phoned dealer who suggested power on/off 2 or 3 times but no use. Advised to contact MG Assist and so AA arrived. He too was unable to unlock. 50% charge left. 2 days later arranged to visit dealer when they forced open with no...
  15. W

    My car doesn't like the cold.

    My pre FL doesn't like the cold. The tyre pressure sensors keep giving false low pressure warnings even when the display shows the tyre at the same pressure as the rest. I have confirmed by manually checking the pressures. I keep getting warnings relating to the camera and then the lane...
  16. M

    HV battery not charging

    Hi All. So, I have an MG5 LR Exclusive 1st gen. Over the past two/three weeks the economy has started to drop which is to be expected at this time of year with wet-er roads, colder temps etc. However, driving like the proverbial nun, I was struggling to get more than 1.5-2.1m/kW and average...
  17. C

    MG5 Range

    My MG5 less than 12 months old it used to hold on a full charge 348 miles range? Now on 100% full charge it’s only 241 miles range ? Why has it lost over 110 miles range on 100% fully charged?
  18. H

    V2L 3-Phase?

    Hello, have anybody tried to get 3-phase from the car? I was looking under the bonnet/hood a couple of days ago and noticed it said "AC/DC OUTPUT1 : 250-500v 24A MAX" and "AC/DC OUTPUT2 : 250-500V 32A MAX" on the onboard charger/inverter. So that got me thinking that it's maybe possible to get...
  19. MickH

    Scheduled home charging

    Hello all. I have a two year old original MG5 - still the best car I’ve owned - and after all this time, I’ve finally changed to an EV energy tariff with cheap electricity midnight to 5:00 am. My home charger is an EO mini fitted by British Gas and although it’s fairly basic, I can set a charge...
  20. Simon John

    MG5 EV 2023 LR Rapid Charging, recovery & resolution guide

    I want to share my recent experience of breaking down at a charging station and the solution. This was only my 2nd attempt at charging away from home. I arrived early at South Mimms Services on the M25, read the instructions on the charger, paid and then plugged in. Nothing was happening so I...
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