The MG5 EV estate electric car
  1. N

    Liquid stains from vents?

    I’ve just bought a 2021 MG5 EV, I have noticed a few issues - a deep metallic clunk can be heard when moving off and felt through the pedal and footwell, and also even more noticeably, white liquid stains are appearing inside the cabin around the vents on the left hand side. Nothing on the right...
  2. JimD

    Software Versions

    So my 2022 pre-facelift MG5 is going in for its first service next week. Ideally I'd like to make a note of any software versions that are accessible to the user who hasn't invested in one of those dongle things, but despite searching the forum I can't find anything that helps much for my car...
  3. ElectricBenSolar

    V2L - Constant load to keep working?

    Looking at trying the V2L function on the MG5 facelift and just wondering if anyone knows if it needs constant load to keep working? For example for a fridge or freezer, they won’t be on constantly, so would the V2L turn off as there is no load? If so is there a set amount of time it would be...
  4. Ian MG5

    👍🏻More Practical Rear View Mirror👍🏻

    Hi all I’ve been meaning to remove the interior rear view mirror for a bit now I thought it was a bit on the large side and even when it was put up in its highest position still restricted the view through the windscreen As I had no need for an auto dipping rear view mirror (I have limo tint in...
  5. Jomarkh

    Type 2 EV Charger Plug Holder Wall Mount Bracket

    Hi, I am looking for a wall bracket but can't find a thread about who was 3D printing these. Please contact me with an ebay link if possible. Thank you.
  6. L

    MG5 Roof Rail 75kg Capacity - SR/LR or year?

    Hi all, I’ve seen a 2021 MG5 52.5kwh battery car i’m interested in buying, but despite searching forum posts and reading manuals, i’m still not clear which models can support a 75kg roof bar load and which can only support 35kg. Was it a certain year that this changed, or is it just all models...
  7. D

    Cell balance?

    Assuming the data is accurate should I be worrying about those cells, the conspiracy theorist in me wonders if mgs fix for the check hv battery issues was to loosen up the tolerances Soc is about 72% was charged about a week or so ago and allowed to do a balance
  8. C

    Why no app for the 2022 MG5 non facelift model?

    I bought 2022 December model MG5...I assumed that the MG5 app would operate with my car. I feel cheated really that there isn't an app for it, as it only works with the facelift model. Surely MG can do an update that will allow our cars to work with an app, the info that you can get wold be...
  9. billdunstew

    Forced change of Dealer.

    The dealer that sold me my MG, JB Motors, Banbury, no longer has a MG franchise. The nearest options to me are Oxford MG, Cumnor Hill, Perrys MG in Aylesbury, or Eden in Swindon. Does anyone have any experience with these companies? They are all some distance away and not easy to access by...
  10. F

    Charging stations

    I have home charger for my MG zs long-range trouphy connect , the other day was away and wanted a top up charge but the machine would not charge to more than 80% is this standard? If so not good when on a holiday.
  11. L

    Red paint MG5 ev

    I have an MG 5 EV . 9 Months old . Can i washed it .on automatic wash .ir better to avoid it .as i dont want to damage the paint
  12. maskull

    Navi Extras

    I was looking to update the navigation on my 2022 MG5 LR so I registered on , installed the Navi Toolbox and took a fingerprint of the car . When I start up the toolbox it says I need to update my head unit and downloads the files to my USB which iI do . When I plug it in the car...
  13. Buster

    iSmart App charging

    Hi All, Ive had my MG5 standard range 50kW just over a month now. I installed an 11kW 3ph charger at home and only charge overnight on cheap rate. We've only done just over 1,000kms The first time I used the scheduled charging feature there was an option to choose a finish time or battery %. As...
  14. I

    Windscreen washer freezing

    I left my MG5 ev in freezing conditions at Glasgow Airport for two weeks. When I returned the screenwash was completely frozen. Because there is no heat from the engine we drove most of the 130 back to Aberdeen with no screen wash. Any advice? Ian Bennett
  15. M

    Charge rate from type 2 connector only pulling 3.33kw

    Hi Everyone, First time on the forum and I did a search but nothing jumped out at me as answering this already. Just got a new MG5 and trying to charge it for the first time using type 2 connector at my office. The office chargers are able to provide 11kw and the other cars that are currently...
  16. A

    Recommendations for home chargers

    I may be about to buy an MG5 but have no home charging. I always heard that Zappi were good, but does anyone have other recommendations? It will be a slightly non-standard install as I want the charger installed on the outside of our detached garage.
  17. ElectricBenSolar

    Water pouring from inside the hatchback door when opening!?

    Just had the MG5 Trophy (Facelift) for around 5 days now, and it's rained a few times over the last 2, when I opened the boot yesterday and again today water started pouring out from within the plastic cover inside the hatchback door... all over and into the inside of the boot. I took the small...
  18. Peterch

    calculating charging rate

    I am sure I have read this on here but cant find it. How do I calculate the rate that my car is charging? I am sure it looks at the battery size and voltage but cant recall how to calculate. Mine is a pre facelift long range?
  19. D

    Chip in back bumper.

    I now have a chip/indentation in the edge of my back bumper of my MG5 (PFL) caused by a somewhat over eager dog trying to get into the boot before I'd opened it. (The dogs fine incase you were wondering). Wondering if it's worth even trying to do anything about it or to just leave it as I knew...
  20. maskull

    Hello Everybody

    Hi Everybody , I have finally taken a dip into the EV pool . I purchased a used MG5 on Tuesday , it was one day under a year old with 7500 miles on it . Initially I had a look at the MG4 and was impressed even if I had doubted it to be a true family car . But , frankly , it was too rich for my...
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