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Sep 11, 2021
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so far not that good, sales people pleasant and helpful, knew his stuff, but he wouldnt be in on weekend, but organised with another assistant for a test drive.

My wife and i went on a test drive, we loved the car, we talked about what we expected on a part ex to make it work, shes a teacher so wanting the affinity programme (public sector discount).
So... We got the right offer for the part ex, ready to do the deal. No affinity on the long range (despite dealers around the UK doing the LR on the deal), if i wanted a non LR it would be a factory order and wont be available until march.
And she kept going away and coming back with the info.

We were ready to shake, but the discount scheme wasnt avilable for the model we wanted at the dealership and the cars they could sell wouldn't be available until next march.

Spoke to another dealer over the border and they are setting me up with the long range on the affinity with a November delivery (with no extra charge for paint ).

So was it the dealership, confusion in the dealer network? I dont know but, i was someone who came informed what i wanted, and was happy with the PX and ready to shake.
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