Customer Checklist On Collection

I've updated the "Fuel" consumption spreadsheet there to account for charge losses, so it calculates charge efficiency as well as vehicle efficiency. :)
Really good info. Really surprised (in a good way) with the charging efficiency. I assume with miles per kw you were on mixed roads, mixed speeds etc. so that is a good blended figure?

What's in the file in grey is just example info - I've not done a charge yet. ;)

Re. mpkWh the car is showing me an average of 3.3 so far, and that's a mix of all road types ... town, country, dual carriageway and motorway.
During my test drive and inspection I noticed that one of the spoilers was a bit loose, after this I checked the showroom and also noticed this on an other mg4. Is this a common issue ?
I think there have been a couple of issues with spoilers being loose, I'm sure it was picked up on a YouTube review also.
I think it has led to some noise above a certain speed but doesn't seem that common a fault though to be fair
Yes above 80 kmh/50 it was maling noise
Out of the 4 cars 2 had the issue. 1 with issue was just delivered to the dealer
Looks like it's just down to poor fitting in the factory and slipping past quality control. Like I said doesn't appear to be that widely reported, although 2 out of 4 isn't great. I'm sure once tightened that will be that, wouldn't have thought it would work itself loose again
Agreed. I can't believe a dealer would allow such an obvious thing to be given to a customer, and I can't believe the owner wouldn't have noticed that when collecting.
Unfortunately some mg dealers would. I've owned 2 mg evs and the way some people have been treated by dealers is deplorable.
There seem to be an emerging number of:
  • Dealer Recalls.
  • Solutions to customers problems. For example gearbox oil leaks.
  • Software updates.

Could I respectfully suggest that rather than having to search through a range of threads, that a list of these KNOWN issues are added here.
For completeness

Bumping this for those (touch wood) lucky people picking up their MG4s over the next week or so. 🤞🚙
Mine will be home delivered by the lease dealer, I wonder if I identify issues as on the list, do I simply reject it or accept and contact the dealer Customer services....
I have an MG4 on order, and decided to run a little document detailing the common faults I've seen mentioned, puerly to remind myself to check these when I collect the car.

I hope this is useful to some of you here too, who might be collectiong yours.

MG4 Collection Checklist

If anyone has any items you think should be on there, just mention them here and if appropriate I'll add them
Picking my Trophy up tomorrow. Great list of items to check. Thank you very much.
Picking my Trophy up tomorrow. Great list of items to check. Thank you very much.
Picked my car up today. I went through the list with the salesman who was impressed with the list. I am glad to say that I could not find anything amiss. Dicksons of Forres, you did me proud, thank you.
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