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Frentauto SPA, Campobasso - MG Dealer Discussion, Opinions & Experiences

After a, to say the least, terrible experience with a very large garage in Bari, which managed to block my car for an update, to carry out the first service and update I had to call several authorized MG garage, unfortunately all far from my home. In the end I chose to go to the Frentauto workshop in Campobasso, based solely on the kindness shown over the phone and the honesty about the price of the service, which was always quoted over the phone.
I went in terrified that there would be problems with the update again.
The gentleman at the reception was very helpful and attentive to listening to my requests regarding the fact of having to return home with my car that day and to pay attention to the updates.
The technician (I don't know if he was the workshop manager) who came to the car to check the necessary updates was equally helpful and courteous.
Everything went smoothly, the updates were done as expected by professionals, the car was delivered exactly at the estimated time and the price was even more honest than what was quoted to me over the phone!
I'll gladly travel another 3 and a half hours for the next service and/or update
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