How to create your Showcase

Stuart Wright

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We invite you to show us photos of your MG EV and any other cars you wish to share.

How to create your Showcase:
  1. Go to the Showcase page (click the Showcase menu link) Showcase
  2. Click the + Add Item button. This adds a new Showcase item for your car.
  3. Choose the category – MG ZS EVs to create a gallery for your ZS EV or Non MG EVs if you wish to create a showcase for a different electric car.
  4. Enter the Title : for example Stuart’s MG ZS EV
  5. Enter the Description : one sentence which briefly describes your car. E.g. My 2017 company car or My 2020 Exclusive in Pimlico blue
  6. Enter the Order date : type the date you ordered your car if you ordered it. E.g. 17th November 2019
  7. Enter the Delivery date : type the date you took delivery. E.g. 18th January 2020
  8. Enter General Information : Tell us the story about your MG ZS EV. Tell us why you chose an electric car and the ZS EV in particular. Any information you want to share about your car goes here.
  9. Upload your photos : Click the Attach files button and upload your favourite photos of your car. All the photos you upload will be displayed in a Gallery tab. The first photo uploaded will be the main image for your Showcase, but you can pick a different photo when you edit your Showcase item.
Save and wait for the comments of admiration.

When you save your Showcase item, a new thread will be created in the relevant forum where people can comment.
Looking forward to seeing your Showcase galleries.

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