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May 15, 2021
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87000 Limoges
Hi, I'm new to MG EV and this is my first post on any type of forum.
I'm English but live in France near Limoges. I have wanted to go electric for quite a while but there just didn't seem to be much option in my price range. However, suddenly finding myself with a small amount saved up, I put to my wife 'EV or PV' obviously I had to explain what I meant.
We finally chose EV (PV for another time) and with a little help from Credit Agricole we had a nice sum of money to spend. Our discussions went back and forward on what to get until I suddenly said what about an MG? To which a further explanation was needed as the only MG she had seen was her uncle's MGB V8.
We are fortunate that Trelissac is only 1hr away from us and an appointment was made (due to COVID an RDV was required). Once there Jonathan Carreia Pereira (what a name!) made us feel as if we were buying a Rolls Royce. He was inquisitive but not pushy, attentive but not overbearing. OK he didn't speak much English but we live in France so he shouldn't have to.
Anyway, one week later and we've now purchased an MG ZS EV ex demo for a wonderful price and looking forward to collecting it at the end of June (they have to keep demos for at least 3 months).
Just thought I would share this experience with any one that cares and to let you know I will keep this tread posted with any comments I have about this dealership!!
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