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Like many my next family car will be an EV, I hadn't planned on making the switch just yet as there are so many cars due for release soon. I'd thought about going for a Kia Nero, but with such a long wait and then the price increase I'd put changing the car on the back burner.

However, the MG ZS EV and the promotional discount has got me thinking about this now. £23,500 for a similar size/spec vehicle seems like a "bargain" price.

I cover around 15k miles per year, so that's around £3k in fuel + £300 in servicing etc.

So with the ICE equivalent being around £18k, that's only 2.5yrs of "fuel" to cover the additional purchase price. So should I make the jump now while the promotion runs?

Stuart Wright

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There is no doubt you will save money. Especially if you pick an electricity tariff which gives you cheap electricity at night and charge your car then.
Re servicing, Teslas now don't have a service schedule. "Bring them in when they go wrong" 😁
What I like about EVs is that broadly, they are packed with tech and safety features.

I wouldn't buy a car without first having a test drive, but that's my personal choice.
You may not like the fit and finish of the MG and that might be important to you.
If not, go ahead and order it. If you then have a test drive and don't like it, can you cancel?

Stuart Wright

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P.S. I think that it's worth travelling to get a test drive if your local dealer can't give you one.

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