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Vibration in throttle pedal


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May 2, 2023
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S wales
Hi All - from new, my HS Phev has an annoying vibration in the throttle pedal when the ICE runs. Is this common for this vehicle or does anyone else experience this? (it almost feels like a poor engine mount) Thanks.
Mine does the same, but I try and stay in EV mode all the time, It only cuts in sometimes when I start for a few minutes then I switch straight in EV so I hardly notice it :)
Yes, me too, seems to be common, especially when engine is cold. I was hoping the vibration would subside when the petrol engine was 'run in' but it's still noticable after 7,000 miles. Quite annoying, poor design somewhere, in engine mount or throttle linkage perhaps. I think this may explain the 'coarse petrol engine' comments found in many published and on-line reviews of the MG HS and PHEV, which I think are misplaced. Anyone identified a fix?
Mine is now around 10k miles and still the same. Like you, I was hoping this would get a little better over time.
Mine only vibrates when the petrol engine first starts if I am Hybrid mode. After that if I am away on a trip in auto/hybrid mode, I havent noticed it on the highway apart from the noise difference, MG phev is so quiet in electric mode which makes driving on electric so enjoyable.
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