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    ODB2 app for mg5 LR?

    I'd think so - I suspect the car model defines how the data from the OBD port is parsed into the values for each sensor - but this won't vary between the SR and LR models. The percentage values displayed come from the car itself - so the battery size shouldn't be relevant.
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    ODB2 app for mg5 LR?

    I've just started looking at car scanner today on MG5LR - don't think the battery version should matter? Maybe it will - but numbers correspond to dashboard values, other than SOC seeming to show value based on total capacity rather than usable capacity
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    Changes To Highway Code Affecting EV Drivers

    I'm more worried about the warning sign??
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    MG5 + ABRP + ODB Dongle

    Got my NEXAS NexLink Bluetooth 5.0 OBDII Scanner - using Car Scanner on iOS showed battery SOC and SOH but wouldn't initialise through ABRP. Next option is to either acquire an Android phone (Nokia G10 is £100 and should have several years updates) and try torque. Or accept the limitations of...
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    MG5 + ABRP + ODB Dongle

    I think that's the one I've currently got - but not from the same seller/link on Amazon. I'm trying to run through iOS and link directly to ABRP - which is now supported - rather than via Torque Pro on Android.
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    2022 MG5

    I feel that there will be a very strong used market for these cars, especially lower milage models that haven't been used as Ubers, etc. Sure, everyone wants the latest and greatest model with all the bells and whistles, but the reality is people have a budget and a £15k second hand EV which is...
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    MG5 + ABRP + ODB Dongle

    Might try this one with ABRP
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    MG5 Facelift available to order in UK?

    Definitely a better car (as are many others in various ways), but at a cost that doesn't make it worth the minor quibbles...
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    A Small MG EV?

    I don't think that's reached the UK yet
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    KERS 3 & Brake Light Operation - Safety Recall?

    I thought I'd noticed my wiper glow red once or twice - but it's not happed regularly enough for me to be certain
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    MG5 LR Dashcam placement.

    Any photos of where the camera is mounted in the 5LR? My last car was taller and had a larger windscreen so unsure where best to place in the 5 with the massive rear view sensor cluster thingy. I've not got around to fitting my Nextbase 512GW but found the original box still containing the...
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    Error message on dash

    Doesn't feel normal - does the car show you the 12V battery level once started? (I know the MG5 does but unsure of the ZS - can you check with a multimeter before trying to start car if not?). I guess there are a few possibilities - either your 12V battery isn't taking or holding charge (need a...
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    MG5 Facelift available to order in UK?

    If I remember correctly (doubtful), the main difference between the SR Excite and LR Excite (other than Pilot & adjustable boot floor) was the addition of an auto-dimming mirror (I think) and maybe the two extra USB ports in the rear (maybe).
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    Dashboard warning yellow triangles

    If you scroll to the left, the first icon is the Message Centre (you're currently on the third icon - the shield for the MG Pilot stuff), there should be more details of the alerts? I guess you can get non-speed limit related alerts which won't have the lower icon.
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    Octopus fixed deal ends 2/3/22

    I always felt that capturing wave and tidal power would be the way forward, but just now wind power generation seems to be the winning approach - Scotland produced 97.4% of energy used in 2020 - obviously not at the time it was necessarily needed so some was exported to rest of the UK and peaks...
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