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    Are MG cars junk?

    You pay more, then it is only natural that you SHOULD expect more !. But this is NOT always, unfortunately the case. How long have the Ford Tech's ( if any ) been working on full Ev's ?. Just consider that this people where one of the LAST people to attend the Ev party. Ford's records on dealing...
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    MG ZS EV Owner shame on you

    It has been configured to lock in the cable to the car with good reason. e.g. - because if you where using a 7 kw public charger and somebody wanted disconnect you from the post, then they could do this IF the cable was not locked into the car's port. Maybe they could then steal your type 2...
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    Are MG cars junk?

    Well there you go !. Like all other models, you never know about the level of support until you need it. A little like most things in life really.
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    New MG ZS EVs

    This is because they are waiting for the budget on Wednesday. Plug in grant could be affected etc.
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    New MG ZS EVs

    Price will be released on the 1st of November. Demo cars to be at the dealerships from around the 26th November.
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    New MG ZS EVs

    Some folks have received the discount, if you get my drift 🤫.
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    Pentraeth MG - MG Dealer Discussion, Opinions & Experiences

    Nice to see the improvements with the additional charging bays, they supplied my ZS EV almost 2 years ago. I am still waiting for my follow up call after my collection though !.
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    New MG ZS EVs

    This is worth a read !.
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    Electronic hand brake - completely stuck on !

    To be honest, I would be extremely surprised if there are any ZS EV's hanging around to pinch the parts from, given the high demand for EV's right now.
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    New (late 2021) ZS EV

    I was of the opinion that the new face lift ZS EV would come in two spec's and two different battery size versions. BUT - The first batch of cars entering the UK would be only be available in the lager battery size of 72 kw/h's. Not sure if they will be available in both SE and top spec Trophy...
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    Window tinting pictures request

    Hi Jerry - Nice job 👍!. Can you remember what percentage tint they used for the front and the back ?. The fronts will be only slightly tinted I know that, just curious to know the percentage that’s all. Cheers !.
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    Electronic hand brake - completely stuck on !

    I really hope my handbrake motor and calliper does not take that long !.
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    Breather pipe

    Sorry Cliff I am unable to verify on my car, as it is at the dealership. But it does sound more and more like it is a breather pipe and cap then. I am sure somebody will be able to check the status on the car and report back for you 👍.
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    I’ve sold my ZS! Thank you everyone for making this a wonderful forum!

    Hi @Cocijo . Sorry for the late reply, I have been wrestling most of the day with my Wi-Fi devices, after having full fibre broadband fitted after a very very LONG wait !. The Wi-Fi relay in the dumb charger was a real pain in the arse, it did not want to play ball at all !. I had to strip from...
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    2022 LR Battery

    A bit like mobile phones then !. You buy the latest and greatest, and next week, its old school ! :ROFLMAO:.
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