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    Hey Google, navigate to my nearest charging point

    OVer the past week "Hey Google take me to the nearest working charge point" would have been of more use.
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    New Car Next Week (Fingers Crossed)

    Meant to add as well it has the SOS call thingymabob centre roof. Not sure what it does or how it works but will get a pic of it tomorrow.
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    New Car Next Week (Fingers Crossed)

    Not sure to be honest but certainly different from the Roewei that i have seen online.
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    New Car Next Week (Fingers Crossed)

    Yes that should be grand Stuart...see you Monday
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    New Car Next Week (Fingers Crossed)

    Well I actually picked up the MG5 yesterday evening. The pickup of the car was very smooth and nothing out of the ordinary from picking up an ice vehicle. A few documents to sign, obligatory photograph for the dealership and a quick run down of the vehicle. Bearing in mind that I am a...
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    Limited Battery Capacity, Short Range, High Purchase Cost means the EV revolution may face a natural death sooner.. .

    I think the infrastructure issues may come to haunt us in the very near future unless a major spend is brought forward sooner rather than later, The Governments has brought forward the ban to 2030 and Europe is likely to do the same (if they haven't already done). The major car manufacturers...
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    New Car Next Week (Fingers Crossed)

    Certainly do my best Stuart. I am due to get it next week (I was assuming Friday) however as you may have heard Northern Ireland retail is to shut for two weeks starting next Friday. I am about to email SERE MG to see if this is going affect me picking it up or if I can pick it up before the...
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    New Car Next Week (Fingers Crossed)

    I did my test drive and order of the MG5 nearly 4 weeks ago (time flies). At the time I went for the Westminster Silver as my current car was red and the blue and black didn't really take my fancy. On order I was told it would be late March - mid April before it arrived but was happy enough...
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    Petrol and diesel vehicle ban brought forward to 2030

    I am no expert in these things but with a ban coming in 2030 (and i assume the EU won't be far behind) that it seems logical for most manufacturers to stop production 3 or 4 years before that. They won't want lots of stock of ICE vehicles (although there may be demand as people try to beat the...
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    MG ismart software it coming??

    Without getting into a Brexit debate, I wonder how that affects those of us living in Northern Ireland? For all intents and purposes we will still be part of the EU in terms of goods.
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    How is your dealer ?

    I ordered MG5 from SERE in Belfast. Obviously haven't got it yet but with regards to the test drives and sales process they were very helpful and friendly. Whether that continues remains to be seen but fingers crossed.
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    Mg5 vess

    Yes i loved it. Having tried both the ZS and the 5 one after the other there was a few things i liked in the ZS (Sunroof, Pilot etc) but over all the 5 impressed me the most. Placed an order on the day and took advantage of the 0% just a long wait until March/April(ish) for it...
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    MG5 EV Estate Coming Soon To The UK - Update - it's here!

    How did you find the ride height of the 5? Coming from a CX5 i was pleasantly surprised and didn't notice a significant difference when testing the ZS.
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    Mg5 vess

    Same here - Cant say i noticed it but the car i used for the test had literally just arrived in the dealers so not sure what had been set up or disabled by them.
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    Ordered an MG5 in Westminster Silver

    Ordered a 5 in Westminster Silver and was quoted March/April 2021 for delivery. Could have got Red for December of Black in Feb/March but not what I wanted. To be honest I got the impression that at the minutes the delivery schedules are very vague.
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