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    Alarm tell tale light.

    Its not ridiculous as every new car has an alarm today and everyone knows it. The indicators were relevant years ago when no one knew if a given car was alarmed or not...
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    Limited Battery Capacity, Short Range, High Purchase Cost means the EV revolution may face a natural death sooner.. .

    Not sure what you mean about Tesla and spin, they are executing pretty much perfectly, no spin, just real progress, their new battery format is pretty much going to put the final nail in the coffin of range worries and bring EV cost down to parity with ICE. Other OEM's have been dragging their...
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    Old people

    Not sporty enough?? Have you even driven it in sport mode? Its faster than my old Audi S8 was, and that had a 320bhp V8 pushing it along!!
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    Disappointed after first test drive - please help

    You are quite right about the seats. They are unusually narrow with particularly high bolsters. I personally find them perfect as an average width chap. My wife however... Has a somewhat fatter a**e (she never comes on here, so I'm safe!) By no means huge, but bigger than mine. She cant fit...
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    How is your dealer ?

    False, any cars built before mid year 2020 are definitely due the 2 updates for BMS & DC\DC to remove the risk of the main fuse blowing in some situations as well as allowing the car to be unlocked whilst AC charging.
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    How is your dealer ?

    Please do mention who it is, that way others can avoid a bad experience/service issues.
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    How is your dealer ?

    My dealer experience so far. Buying (Attempt!) Wakefield MG, Absolutely appalling, worse experience ever in my life! Buying (2nd time lucky!) Cambridge MG, very pleasant, friendly, stress free experience. Service NT Shaw, Louth MG, so far seem OK, but only limited to comfort update, will let...
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    Here is my latest update on changing my MG ZS suspension

    Stage 3 sounds interesting, shame it's only 20mm though, I'd personally prefer 25mm to 30mm. The car is far too high for my tastes. What was the ball park on price for this?
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    Service charge

    These are completely wrong, Perry's have quoted you for the Petrol ZS!!! lol!! Whatever the dealership is deciding to charge, services 1&3 should be identical for the ZS EV.
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    Headlight bulbs

    That also reminds me of a time I needed an electric power steering pump/reservoir for my Audi. Some research proved an identical Bosch part for Audi/VW/Seat/Skoda. All with different manufacturer labels, part numbers, & packaging. The Audi part was £395, the lowest priced was the Seat part at £182!
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    Is a ZS EV facelift imminent?

    The only real, feasible, option for a battery upgrade is if the new larger ZS battery is in the same bolt in format as the current car. Then the connections all need to have remained unchanged, and MG need to care enough about this being an option to allow a software upgrade to liaise with the...
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    Is a ZS EV facelift imminent?

    Add to this, the car has never actually cost more than £24k at most to buy the entry model since it was first available, with some scheme or other in place no one has ever had to pay full list price, so the best current discounts after the grant are at the very most about £4k in reality.
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    Almost purchased an MG ZS EV yesterday.

    As already alluded to, it's the total cost you need to consider, not just one gesture such as the lead, that can be bought from as little as £80. My car dealer wouldn't throw in the lead either, but the car was priced at £22k for an exclusive with the extra cost Pimlico paint, so they were...
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    Our first problem with meg

    Just check the voltage of the 12v battery, a failing battery can throw up all sorts of weird faults and a few cars have had bad batteries. With the car turned off, the battery should show 12.6v to 12.8v, if it's down around 12v or less it's toast.
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    Check your Granny!

    No it's not. If anyone else has a similar issue, this plug is a very good quality replacement. Looks right once fitted as well:
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